Letters from the dorm: Second chance to fix things

Letters from the dorm: Second chance to fix things

I've already started my second year at uni. And, in about a year's time, I'll be starting my third and final year. It's all happening too quickly.

First year was a great learning experience, academically, socially and personally. However, I made a lot of mistakes and luckily I have a second chance to fix them. But it's my last, and final chance.

In most universities in Britain, your first year grades don't count towards your final degree. In some universities, it's just 10 per cent. This is to give students enough time to settle in and get comfortable with a new environment, new friends, and a new learning style. First year is also all about becoming the person you will be for the rest of your time at university, and possibly the rest of your life.

I'll admit, I fell into the bad habits of oversleeping and procrastination in my first year.

This summer has made me realise that I need to get my act together if I'm going to achieve the goals I've set for myself.

At the moment, I'm annoyed at anyone who talks about my grades. The fact is that I'm spending time on all sorts of extra-curricular activities. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with doing any of it. I'm just concerned about finding the time to do it. Who knew university stress would hit me even before I'd begun my crucial second year?

If you're in my position, then the advice is simple. Write things down (yes, write, like on paper) and make sure you do what you've written down. If you've got 10 things to do in the next few days, write down the three things you absolutely must do today. Physically writing something and keeping the paper in front of you is like branding the words in your brain. If you're serious about what you've written, you'll do it.

Another thing I'm going to attempt to do is keep a regular sleeping schedule (if my parents and brother are reading this, they're probably laughing). Even if it takes setting multiple alarms, opening the curtains and turning off the air-conditioner, I need to wake up and do everything I need to.

If I can keep these resolutions, I'll be able to focus better in my second and third year, where it really counts. It might be difficult for me to accept, but determination and discipline are key if I'm going to succeed in what I set out to do.

Great, I can now tick "finish Young Post article" off my to-do list!

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Second chance to fix things


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