Talking Points: Should HK spend so much money on professional sports?

Talking Points: Should HK spend so much money on professional sports?

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Hong Kong cyclist Lee Wai-sze celebrates after she won a bronze medal in the women's keirin final in the London Olympic.
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Rachel Siu Long-yin, 14, Pui Ying Secondary School

The billions of dollars spent on professional sports help society in many ways. First of all, since the athletes are well-paid, more young people will be encouraged to take up professional sports as a career.

Second, hosting major sports events can help boost the city's tourist industry as well as its economy.

Third, the best way for local athletes to improve their skills is to train at modern facilities and use the latest sports equipment. As a result, their amazing achievements will bring glory to Hong Kong.

These are some of the reasons why we need to spend a huge amount of money on professional sports.

Erin Tam, 14, Pooi To Middle School

The simple answer is "no". People who focus on sports rarely take part in other activities and don't spend much time with their families. And if you're a student, your studies should come first, not sports.

You could get injured while playing sports, and if you go to a public hospital, the government will pay most of your medical costs. That money could be put to better use. Also, people spend a lot of money on sports equipment, most of which end up in landfills. The government should stop promoting sports. There are better things to do.

Naz Iraj, 17, St Margaret's Girls' College, Hong Kong

Sports have a big impact on the public. Professional sports can help develop a national identity among citizens. Sports bring competition, so when people come together to support their country, relationships are strengthened and there's more social harmony.

There's something about sports that goes beyond social, political and ethnic barriers. It's a powerful tool that can help unite people.

Sporting events can also be used to raise funds for important social and medical causes, for example, cancer research.

Then there are the health benefits. Sports can raise awareness about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. So, investing in professional sports is good for society.

Summer Leung, 14, Pooi To MIddle School

Spending billions of dollars on professional sports is not good for Hong Kong, and here are some of the reasons.

There are many poor people in Hong Kong who need money for medical and other expenses. The elderly should also get a bigger allowance.

The government spends too much money on sports. The money should be spent more wisely.

Also, putting too much money into sport could lead to rivalries with other countries, which could damage our international relationship. Don't throw money away on sports; give it to the needy.

Titus To Cheuk-lam, 16, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

We should support professional sports. People love big competitions, such as the NBA and the Tour de France. They support their favourite teams and buy souvenirs.

Hong Kong doesn't spend a lot on sport compared to other countries, so our city has not been competitive. But winning big championships or doing well in the Olympics will give our city a good name. It will also give people a sense of belonging to their hometown.

By promoting different kinds of sport, the government can inspire more people to lead an active lifestyle and stay healthy.

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