Letters from the dorm: A truly rewarding summer at Summerbridge

Letters from the dorm: A truly rewarding summer at Summerbridge

When I signed up to be a student teacher at Summerbridge, I was excited about creating my own course and meeting students eager to learn. Soon, I found out there was so much more to it than teaching. It turned out to be a cheer-filled environment where students love to learn.

For five weeks, I taught architecture (my main university subject) to 12 students, alongside others teaching subjects as wide ranging as biochemistry, political sciences and Greek mythology.

At first, I was unsure how to start teaching architecture, as it is such a professional and an advanced field of study. Besides sharing the basic techniques for drawing plans, sections and perspectives, I asked the class to take a fresh look at our city. Together, we thought about Hong Kong from an urban planner's viewpoint, and discussed what was great, or less great.

For the final project, we designed pieces of street furniture that would make the city a better place.

Outside the classroom, the teachers and students really enjoyed getting to know each other better. We had mailboxes so we could write letters to each other and talk about our lives outside Summerbridge. It was a delight to work with such sweet kids, who had so much to contribute.

My least favourite part was saying goodbye. I met many amazing people this summer and I'm not ready to let it all go. Sadly, I have to pack my bags and leave for an exchange semester in Spain really soon. Nos Vemos! I'll miss all of you on the other side of the world.

Summerbridge is an organisation that brings together student teachers and underprivileged local secondary school students

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A truly rewarding summer


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