Say what: Part-time, fool-time work

Say what: Part-time, fool-time work

Young Post receives some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

Friends will be friends

'I hate you! Let's end our friendship!' Someone said.

Wait a minute. Don't you think that it's very cruel to end a friendship suddenly? It's not good to stop the game. Right, but why?

First, a long and healthy friendship doesn't come easy. You need to pay a lot of time and attention to your friend. If you stop the friendship without thinking, won't it be extremely unwise?

Second, friends are important to your life. Friends will be happy to listening you, and share their feelings, opinions etc. Without friends, you life will become dull.

Therefore, remember 'friends will be friends'. Good things don't come easy, so don't kill the friendship without thinking.

Don't bee stinging

As teenagers in Hong Kong, we often handle money. It is important for teenagers to know how to spend money. There are some teenagers always waste money while some of them are too stinging.

People may think that it's perfectly well that a teenager don't want to use money but I would say it is a wrong concept. What I want to say is, 'stinging' is totally different from 'economic'. 'Stinging' means you don't want to spread money, even though you really want to buy something you desire for.

On getting a pet, or not

Do you have patient? Do you have psychology preparation to getting a pet? Remember, don't keep pets because of happiness.

Stay healthy by ...

We eat fruit everyday because that can assimilate vitamin, filament . That is good for us. However , we can not just depent an apple or fruit , we need to do another things to keep our healthy.

We should do more exercise everyday unless 15 minutes and sleeping well. If we can do more exercises. balanced diet, sleeping well and eat different fruits.

The joy of study

My favorite subject is Physics because the topics are attractive. Like the explanations of Machanics, the gravity, forces are mysterious.

To be, or not to be

Are you happiness?A person of successful personage backses always meet a lot of foil. However,they would not give up.

Students are time lords

Almost all classmate need about 1 hour to school to study for 3-hour a day.

Choose this college?

Buzzing of bees and giggling of birds in hills and vales are always available everywhere in the campus while the fragrance of blossoms always delighted me.

Drama queen

As i want to show out my tenique, i think taking up a summer job as a part-time actress is an awesome idea. Being an actress can wear trendy outfit, also i can practise my speaking skill in front a camera. I hope to show my tenique on speaking and acting, in fact, i can act great 'Besides those, this is a high income and no time consuming job. I can enjoy myself inside a story and foster a habit on acting. Doesn't it is a great way to kill two birds with one stone?

Picture looks bleak

The situation of deteriorating as time flies and can no longer be tolerated. Youngsters are the hopes of Hong Kong's tomorrows, can the government bear to see our future being gloomier and gloomier? Then, what should a responsible government do to clear the grey clouds screening out the sky

The eyes have it

Immediately, I searched for a target to ask for lending me mobile phone. I saw a secondary student who looked obedient and I abruptly requested her to lend the Phone to me. She gazed at me as if I was a robber; ridiculously she rejected me using her scared eye contact. Her eyes had told me that she wasn't willing to do so.

Getting personal at the airport

In USA, many passengers said the mannal researches, in which agents use their fingers and open palms to search for explosives or concealed weapons, made them felt uncomfortable. The serious one is the pat-down, which were put into place at the beginning of the mouth just like full body of x-ray. Some challenge is they need to protect passengers safety and make sure everybody can get to their destination safety, but now can it balance the security and people's feeling?

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Part-time, fool-time work


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