Say what: Chocolate for the good grils

Say what: Chocolate for the good grils

Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent:

That education system

Criticized for its spoon-feeding and ossified mode, the education system has placed too much emphasis on the students' exam results. Though some students have potentials in music, art, sports, they are crowded out from the mainstream, for, those subjects are excluded from exam fields. Not recognized be the teachers and parents, they lose confidence both in their hobbies and academy. "All-round", "well-rounded" are merely nonsense aroused these years, it is hard to translate word in actions.

Moving on with social mobility

I think that old buildings should be demolished, because I think if a community does not change the old things go, this will lead society to a halt. But some relics of historical or heritage value, we should take it retained. Because it is Hong Kong's collective memory of the real. Hong Kong people should not be rejected because of his selfishness and develop their own dwelling. Often people against their own interests, leading to social can not move up. So we should not because their own interests, to prevent upward social development.

Chocolate wisdom

Because the theobromine is one of the healthy counter-calm ingredient, therefore the edible chocolate has the promotion spirit ecitedly, the enhancement and so on effects.

Wrong friends

I agree with the writer, it is because youth readly is a blunder , we always go to commit , adulthood a struggle , old age a regret , my mother is regret now. She regret she havn't do many thing when she is young. In my class , children of boy were always fright with their friends, something was playing , but something was real to fright. And children of girl were alway speaking start at a lesson. I think the writer was very correct.

We meet friends with come obedient children, that good. But sometime we get a wrong friend with us. So we need more careful.

If we meet a wrong friend, we will do many bad thing. Then your family will get hurts.

Do the things best, then we are the good grils and boys.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Chocolate for the good grils


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