Say what: Message driven home

Say what: Message driven home

Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

On being a bus driver

When I grow up I want to be a bus driver. I want to be a bus driver because I like driving cars. It can help people. When there are some old people, they can't too fast. I will drive very slow. When they sit. I will drive at normal. 

When I arrive to a bus stop. I will stop the bus and wait the people forget on the bus. I will drive carefully and be a kind bus driver.

On idols and obsession 

I don't know why and infatuation our idol is not a bad thing . Ours parents always think infatuation idol will influence our school work. But have they thing infatuation idol can be a embolden with us!

My speeches fixed to use everyone surprised . Many people will think it is because I also infatuation idol too. Do you know our idol's a word will regarding fans is very important . All the time my mother oppose I always surfing the net because I always go to search my idol . 

I know she is care me but I thing my family maybe extravagant tight . 

Infatuation idol is not a bad thing . I think my parents can kwon what I am thinking . 

On families

According to the history of human,there is no doubt that family acts the mainstay of everyone.It can be imagined that we are incomplete if we live without our families in the rest of our lives.So we should treasure our families from now on, and remember it at all the time,"Be a full mankind !" 

Strictly no rude flowers allowed 

Labors work all the day in order to earn. After working, they will have salaries. Many corporations like ... give very low amount of salaries to their labors. Some even cheat citizens that they are moral companies like ... entered a plan for giving reasonable salaries to its "cleaner" yet there is no cleaner.

 In fact, salaries should at least ensure the basic demands of labors including eating, drinking and dressing. Why those extremely hard working labors who work for more than 16 hours a day can hardly maintain their very basic demands? All citizens have the answer "immoral corporations". 

We should never accommodate selfish businessmen in Hong Kong because we are human, moral human. Those mean companies should give their laborious men a reasonable salary, where "reasonable salary" means the salary which can maintain basic lives like $33 per hour. No one would like to see immoral carnations.

On the joy of pets

I think all the pets are very need the people to care. So, I hope all people should think twice before getting a pet. Because when you getting a pet, you should always bring it to go to a walk. If you are no time to play with it, the pet will very unhappy and bored.

And also, if your pet die, you will have a incomparable misery. nd you should teach your pet patiently, don't use the violence to it. Finally, I think if you getting a pet ,you should think do you have any time?

Do you have patient? Do you have psychology preparation to getting a pet? Remember, don't keep pets because of happiness.

On dreams

In my opinion,dream always make people inspire because they will solving all the problem.

A person of successful personage backses always meet a lot of foil. However,they would not give up.

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Message driven home


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