Say what: Life goals and chocolate

Say what: Life goals and chocolate

Over the years Young Post has received some funny letters which we just have to share with you … typos and all! Names and places have been taken out to protect the innocent

On life values

Life value is creative and defines by ourselves. Have you understood your life? Have you learn independent to life? Have you know what life is? Life is about whole-life and a long-study topic. The life value size lies on each person's heart and how they look themselves. If the person is pessimistic, they may think that nobody will pay attention on them. Then this kind of person's life value will be very low. On the contrary, some person have strong self-confidence, they believe that their existence will help many people. Then, this kind of person's will have higher life value.

Many people don't know what value is. They may think value is money, and then the value must be high. Thought money can be weight for our life. Life value may be complete your target, contribute to society. It also can be turn the exciting time into the goal of the road. Buys sugar and steals sugar, both of them can get the sugar. But buys sugar the value is higher. It has much method to solve the problem, why don't choose the rightful ways. It's depending on your life value.

However, no matter how I say, the most important is depend on your perception and ideas, other people can't change your life. Our life time is limited, hoped everyone can treasure well and don't waste the time. Everybody has a precious life, think about why Mother Teresa get the glory, and people said you were waste the time? The most important for life is creating value. Life don't have failure, only has the giving up.

On winning

The adult always said that, "Wining yourself is more important than wining the others!" The sentence is really very good. We should have every competitions in this attitude, and it will make you be better!

On generosity

As teenagers in Hong Kong, we often handle money. It is important for teenagers to know how to spend money. There are some teenagers always waste money while some of them are too stinging. People may think that it's perfectly well that a teenager don't want to use money but I would say it is a wrong concept. What I want to say is, "stinging" is totally different from "economic". "Stinging" means you don't want to spread money, even though you really want to buy something you desire for.

Different views, different rules?

If you are told to look after a kid, you watch cartoon with him, suddenly, he points at the TV screen and says, "Actually, a zebra is white in colour with black stripes or opposite?" Now I ask you, how do you answer this question? A white cute animal with some black brindles? A black elegant creature with white stripes on it? The answer is, both.

If you think zebra is white in colour, of course, the stripes must be black in colour. If you guess zebra is black, certainly the stripes are white. The main point isn't focus on the answer but the angle and view. Both answers are correst because we use different angles and viewes. Just like we use varied rulers to rule the same thing, we can get many different results.

The thing about chocolate

Because the theobromine is one of the healthy counter-calm ingredient, therefore the edible chocolate has the promotion spirit ecitedly, the enhancement and so on effects.

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Life goals and chocolate


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