Talking points: What is the worst thing about eating lunch at school?

Talking points: What is the worst thing about eating lunch at school?

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Victoria Wong, 10, Sha Tin Junior School

What I hate about eating at school is that we only have a 15-minute lunch break. And we have to eat in our classroom because I am still in junior school. So we have no time to chat, which is really boring.

Liam Him Kit-fung, 14, Chinese International School

We aren't allowed to eat anything other than what the school gives us, so there's a limited choice. This lack of variety is the biggest problem. Also, the food is expensive, with a tiny cup of chocolate milk costing about HK$30.

Reece Chiu, 17, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

It's the quality of the canteen food. The dishes look like those from a 3-star Michelin restaurant, but they taste worse than the food provided by a 3-star motel.

Janet Choi Ho-ching, 18, HKU Space Po Leung Kuk Community College

When I was in secondary school, Form One to Three students were not allowed to eat lunch outside the campus. So we sat in the classroom and ate the food prepared by the suppliers. Our class teacher joined us for lunch as well. Many of my classmates always complained about the quality of the food. But for me the worst thing was that I could not eat with my friends because they were not allowed to sit next to me even during the lunch break.

Eugenia Lui Wan-sum, 16, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

I think it is very unhealthy to eat at school. Although we have an environmentally friendly kitchen, the food is tasteless. So a lot of students won't eat from the canteen.

Sonia Iftkhar, 20, St Margaret's Girls' College, Hong Kong

It has to be lou meen - noodles in a small, plastic bag. Ethnic minority children don't have much choice, mostly because the food is not suitable for Muslims or vegetarians. Moreover, I feel that it is quite unhealthy to eat from a plastic bag rather than a container.


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Leo Tsang


From junior form of our school , we can't go out to have lunch so that we should have lunch inside the campus. Our school has a canteen which has a some of tables for us and inside the hall also. But from form 1 to form 3, we have so much students and we must have the lunch in the hall or canteen however the tables are not even enough for all of us. So where can we have our lunch, is it we need to wait until the other students finish their lunch? after the other students finished their lunch and I found that they won't clean their food which they were just finished, so who is going to clean it? That is the worst thing that I think of eating lunch at school.