Talking points: What do you love / hate about the design of your school uniform?

Talking points: What do you love / hate about the design of your school uniform?

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Andrew Kan, 18, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

My school uniform is a white T-shirt. It is a dirty mess by the end of the day, especially since I love to play sports. I often get an earful from my mum when I get home. So I wish the uniform could be of any colour except white.

Ng Cheuk-kwan, 13, Po Leung Kuk Tang Yuk Tien College

I like my school's tracksuit - a cotton sweater and a pair of baggy trousers made of nylon. It is very comfortable and I can move freely.

Janet Choi Ho-ching, 18, HKU Space Po Leung Kuk Community College

My summer uniform is fine - a blue shirt with a neck tie, and a blue skirt. It is quite comfortable and beautiful, too. But I hate the winter uniform. The collar is the main problem - it's badly designed and makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Natalie Fung, 16, St Paul's Co-educational College

I love the design of my school uniform which is similar to a qipao, or cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress. It is classy and conveys charm and grace. Although many argue that a qipao is uncomfortable because it is too tight, I believe such a design contributes to the beauty and elegance of being Chinese.

Helen Wong, 15, Sha Tin College

Our uniform is lightweight but is often criticised for its see-through material. This is terribly awkward for everyone, especially girls. The good thing is that we're changing to a new uniform soon.

Mimi Lam, 17, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary & Primary School

Ours is a one-piece uniform, which is easy when you're changing. However, I hate our summer uniform because it's white, and I'm a messy eater! It's always annoying when food stains spoil my uniform, and everyone knows what has happened!\


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What do you love / hate about the design of your school uniform?


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Lai Yat Wing


Our summer uniform is a cheongsam in navy blue.I love the tranditional look and the elegant design!It isn't too tight and is comfortable!The upper part of our winter uniform is a blue shirt and the lower part is a dark blue checkered dress.We wear a pair of blue socks in winter.It looks really nice!