Talking points: What's the school rule that you disagree with the most and why?

Talking points: What's the school rule that you disagree with the most and why?

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Bianca Chan, Maryknoll Convent School

The use of mobile phones, which is strictly prohibited. This policy is based on the assumption that these devices will distract students from their studies. But there are many occasions when I desperately need to search the internet for information, or to catch up on current affairs. I do not see any reason why phones could not be used during free lessons or lunch breaks.

Maryam Gul, St Margaret's Girls' College


Not being allowed to dye our hair. Apparently it's distracting, but I'm pretty sure that nobody who looks at red or brown hair is suddenly diverted from their lessons.

Reece Chiu, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

Students are not allowed to play basketball after school unless they wear their PE kits. Most students, including me, don't plan to play basketball; we just take to the court if we're in the mood for a game. In addition, there are no basketball courts near my school. So this rule discourages students from taking part in any kind of sport after school, which is extremely irritating.

Yeung Kai-hing, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

We need to bring our PE uniforms to school and change before PE lessons. Why can't we just wear the uniform to school on the day we have PE lessons? Bringing an extra uniform is really inconvenient, and if someone forgets to bring it, the teacher will be unhappy.


Jason Lai Cheuk-ho, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School


We cannot bring mobile phones to school. Mobile phones are very important in our lives. We need them to call our parents or to do homework.


Wincy Leung, King George V School

We are not allowed to order lunch from outside. My school was recently renovated, and one of our most popular facilities, the Senior School Centre, was replaced by a set of new classrooms. With the centre gone, not only are we deprived of our social area, microwaves, fridges and hot-water dispenser, we have to eat our "cold" home-cooked meals or buy food from the school canteen. Our school follows the "healthy eating" policy, so it may seem reasonable that students are not allowed to order takeaways. Now, if only the canteen food lived up to the high standards set by the school! Unfortunately, the food is awful.


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What's the school rule that you disagree with the most and why?


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Sam Gusway


Hi Yeung Kai-hing,
I think it would be fine to wear your PE kit to school...but what would happen AFTER your PE class? Would you want to spend the afternoon in a stuffy classroom filled with students who had just finished basketball practice?