Letters from the dorm: My date with Jude Law and the Chungkingosaurus dino

Letters from the dorm: My date with Jude Law and the Chungkingosaurus dino

It's been a while since my last article, so let me tell you what I've been doing over here.

Over the past month, I modelled at a student fashion show, was rejected by two companies for their internship programmes, lost my bank card just before boarding a train to Oxford, and took part in a World Vision Famine 24 charity event. Oh, and I wrote a poem; all in all, I've had quite a busy term.

My studies have been a little easier than they were last winter; two of this term's four modules were related to poetry, so there's been less reading. Last term's three modules on novels meant I was reading about four novels a week, plus one in Old English (it looks and sounds totally different from modern English!). Yep, this is the life of a literature student: I love it!

This term I've been to many more concerts and theatre performances. I saw Tom Hiddleston (Loki in The Avengers) in Shakespeare's Coriolanus, and Jude Law playing the title role in Shakespeare's Henry V.

What I really love about London is the number of quality theatre performances going on every day; actors - from Hollywood stars to students - perform in a wide range of productions.

There are many theatres all over central London; often it's possible to get cheap, last-minute tickets.

For a literature student like me, "theatreland" is absolute heaven. I'm hoping to see Benedict Cumberbatch (the star of the BBC series, Sherlock) play Hamlet this autumn.

Music-wise, I saw both Taylor Swift and OneRepublic in concert. I also saw the opera, La traviata, at the Royal Opera House, which was a magical experience.

I love history and the arts; I often visit London's many free museums and galleries. One highlight this term was seeing a special exhibit of two versions of Van Gogh's Sunflowers at the National Gallery.

I also visited the Natural History Museum, where I discovered one type of dinosaur found in China is named "Chungkingosaurus".

At Easter, I went to Portugal for a few days, then spent 18days in a row in the library completing four huge essays. Now they are done, I can take a break before summer begins.

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My date with Jude Law and the Chungkingosaurus dino


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