Letters from the dorm: All work and no play? Not really

Letters from the dorm: All work and no play? Not really

Oh hey there! I haven't seen you in a while. I'm good, thanks, and you?

Yeah, that's pretty much all that I have to say to you about university right now. Well, it's only part of it, but, eh, my second year here in the city of Seattle, in the American state of Washington, has been a blur so far ...

I don't know where to begin ... but I'll try!

Well, the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl Championship earlier this month; if only I had a dollar every time I saw Seahawks merchandise, or "12th Man" flags - the team-shirt number used to honour the team's success - flying around the city ...

I admit I've never been into sports. Period. But all the city's pride has really got to me! But I digress, because no amount of love for my second city would get me to feel something right now. The city's filthy, but welp ... It's Week 6 of the quarter - there are only about 20 days of class left. Then a mid-quarter slump where everything just slows down because of … mid-term exams, essays and coursework. All fun stuff …

Last spring I wrote about being lured into taking a class because of the prospect of take-home exams. Wait for it … I fell into that trap again, and I regret it just as much, if not more! I'm not going to go into the specifics, but let's just say that all of us were fooled by the "fun" course description.

One of the best parts about taking classes with your friends is that you get to suffer together. Sounds kinda awful but, hey, nothing screams bonding like staying up late together with plenty of snacks and stressing out about work …

University isn't all work and no play, but right now it sure feels like it … It must be the weather - it's gloomy, cold, raining and barely 5 degrees Celsius every day.

It actually snowed over the weekend, and playing in the snow was a good study break! I forgot how much it hurts to be hit by snowballs. Fighting back is half the fun.

Thankfully spring break is only a month or so away. A couple of friends and I are planning to take a trip to the San Juan Islands, close to the US border with Canada. And I'm going to be taking driving lessons (long overdue, I know, don't judge).

Either way, I'll be glad not to have to tackle around 100-150pages of reading every night!

One day at a time … one day at a time.

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All work and no play? Not really


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