Letters from the dorm: Seattle's walk-in-closet fan

Letters from the dorm: Seattle's walk-in-closet fan


Candace is celebrating having a room to herself in her apartment.
Candace is celebrating having a room to herself in her apartment.
Photo: Candace Kwan

"You don't know what you have until it's gone". Pshhh, more like, you don't know what you have until you (unpack). The last time I wrote this column, I'd been dreading packing.

Now I've unpacked (and have photos to prove it), I've concluded that unpacking is infinitely worse than packing. At the very least, when you're packing, there's some sort of excitement in the air (and the fact you haven't exactly bought all the items in your list adds to that).

Unpacking though, argh - you know exactly what you've brought with you, and have the "joy" of knowing that you'll spend the next day or so sifting through your belongings ...

As usual, I have only myself to blame. I let my walk-in closet in my off-campus apartment lure me into bringing more clothes back to Seattle than I probably should have. It wasn't the wisest of decisions (hauling around half my body weight in luggage wasn't good for me), but how could I regret it? Organising my closet was the best part about unpacking, and I, of course, saved it for last.

Too bad most clothing items won't see the light of day for a while (literally - Seattle rain is almost like a state of mind. It rained. It didn't rain. Same difference).

It's still September, but it's 16 degrees Celsius here. Guess I'm going to live in my hoodies until I get back to Hong Kong in December. I can already see myself being the annoying one dismissing the cold like it's nothing ...

The walk-in closet is just one of the many perks of living off-campus - I never minded having a roommate, but having the whole room to myself is nice, too: no more listening to music through headphones? That, and a bigger room, only sharing a bathroom with one other girl (instead of seven, like last year) and a kitchen (I don't have to eat in the dining halls anymore! Score!).

I may not be the best cook (Cup noodles, anyone? Just kidding), but I'm familiar enough with the food pyramid to know not to eat too much junk food and all that jazz. My pantry's proof that moderation is best but ...

Eh, when in doubt, ramen, hot Sriracha sauce and an egg it is: fool-proof uni cooking, right there.


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