Letters from the dorm: End-of-year pressure is on

Letters from the dorm: End-of-year pressure is on


Seeing Grace was great - but I should've been studying.
Seeing Grace was great - but I should've been studying.
Photo: Candace Kwan

It might be May right now, but it feels more like mayhem!

The realisation that I have fewer than 20 class days left this year has just sunk in. It has become shockingly clear that I don't have the luxury of goofing off anymore - it's now or never if I want to do well in my studies.

I guess I made a bit of a mistake at the start of the year: I let the prospects of a take-home mid-term and final lure me into a class that may have been a little too hard for a young freshman like me. I love taking Asian American Identity, but my professor wasn't kidding when she said it would be tough. The take-home mid-term is due next week, and I'm barely halfway through it - all those things I have to remember are turning my brain to mush.

But it's times like these when I have to remember I only have myself to blame. I'm the one responsible for my education, and I was the one who should have worked harder at the weekend instead of socialising and doing other fun activities.

Going to the Taiwan Night Market on campus last Saturday was so much fun - good food and good company (I even bumped into one of my classmates from high school, Grace). Seeing a familiar face in the crowd miles away from Hong Kong is always a special experience.

What's more, the Taiwanese Student Association even got a few YouTubers to perform at the event - The Fung Brothers were very funny, and Joseph Vincent made the crowd weak at the knees at the end of the night. I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of my fangirl tendencies!

Anyway, I guess I should stop writing and get back to revision!


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