Best Friends Forever #2: Always by my side

Best Friends Forever #2: Always by my side

Sometimes all you need in a friend is someone (or something) that will stick by you through the best and worst of times


Who is your best friend?
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My best friend is my mum. I know she is my mum, but we get along like a couple of besties. We do quarrel at times, but we never stay mad at each other for long. My mum can be really busy sometimes, but she will always find time to give me help when I need it. We love telling each other what happened in our day and even share secrets. She is the person I trust the most and our bond is unbreakable.

Lam Shuk-ki, 13, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

I have to say my best friend is Hana. We have the best conversations and she supports everything I want to do. Our best memory together is definitely when were both working as interns at Young Post. We were able to go to different restaurants for food reviews and go to the DSE release together. I always have a great time with her wherever we go! Although she is studying in Japan right now and we can’t see each other as often, she still supports me from where she is.

Teresa Kwok, 16, South Island School

Best Friends Forever #1

My best friend is very special, it is coding. I’ve spent countless hours to learn the programming language, and I’ve won many prizes in competitions. Coding has brought me much happiness. No matter what my age or situation, I will always have coding in my life.

Kwok Ngai, 14, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

Books are my best friends. I will never forget the moment I met my first book. It was love at first read. I remember all the times I stayed up at night to spend more time with my books. I was looking for some peace and quite from the outside world, and they became a source of comfort and escape for me.

Law Yuen-tong, 16, Good Hope School

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My friend and I have a bizarre philosophy – why do stupid things alone, when you can do them together? One Christmas, we recklessly decided to make a log cake. Armed with the most basic knowledge of baking and a fast-paced YouTube tutorial, we ended up burning the mixing bowl at one stage. The cake was surprisingly delicious in the end, though! Looking back on this memory never fails to make us laugh.

Annika Yiu Hiu-lam, 16, Good Hope School

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Always by my side


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