Best Friends Forever #1

Best Friends Forever #1

Young Post readers share stories about their dearest companions and what makes them so special


Bobbi Lee (right) with her best friend Charlotte.
Photo courtesy of Bobbi Lee.

If you would like to tell us about your BFF, send your story to Please attach a jpg of you and your pal, and let us know which one is you. All pics must be larger than 1MB, and you must have the permission of your friend or friends to use it.

Charlotte is my best friend because she is kind, warm-hearted, and we get along great together. She enjoys theatre and the performing arts, and I admire her confidence. She is also a model, and I think she is beautiful, both inside and out. She’s very trustworthy, and is amazing at making people feel better when they are sad. She’s everything a best friend should be and more.

Bobbi Lee, 15, South Island School

This summer has been very special to me. It was the longest time I’ve spent away from home. I stayed with a group of 50 girls from 11 different countries, at the Kennedy House of the School of Lawrenceville.

Ella and Anna became my best friends and our friendship got stronger each day. Anna and I both love drawing. Sadly, she lives in Anaheim in the United States, but I hope to see her next time I go there.

Ella, who is Korean American, taught me to appreciate spicy food. Just last week I surprised my family by eating super spicy Korean noodles from my dad’s bowl. I miss
you girls, Ella and Anna!

Yuhan Huang, 15, German Swiss International School

I say: I love my best friend because...

My best friend is Venus. She is very kind and helpful. She helps me with my maths homework, and once when I forgot to bring my correction tape to class, she lent me hers. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Melody Ma, 13, Carmel Pak U Secondary School

My best friend and I don’t take a lot of photos because we’re too busy making memories. One of my favourite memories that we share was when she first introduced me to her new puppy. I can remember, clear as day, the pure joy on her face. We joked around and played with the dog, and afterwards we ended up playing a game in her room. We tried to see how well we knew each other and both got almost every question correct. It’s not the most glamorous, fun, or funny memory, but it’s one that will stay with me forever.

Vanya Aditi Pardal, 14, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Are best friends really forever? What to do if you and your BFF start drifting apart

My best friend isn’t like any other, it’s my football. I spend hours every week kicking it around to hone my skills on the field. Football is my number one passion in life. And though the sport has led me to a wonderful group of teammates – without whom I would not enjoy the game as much – my ball has been with me since I was in eighth grade. It’s been with me through thick and thin, through victories and injuries and, while my teammates and I might part ways, my football will always be by my side.

Charlotte Fong, 16, International Christian College


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Through thick and thin


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