I Say: If I could relive one memory, it would be …

I Say: If I could relive one memory, it would be …

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:

Younger days

It has to be spending time with my parents when I was younger. I was happier and had fewer worries back then. My parents and I used to always go camping together. Now we’re much busier and don’t have as much time to spend with each other.
Henry Chow Ka-hang, 13, King Ling College

Last birthday

It would be my birthday last year. I remember my teacher shouted at me on that day. I knew it was only because of confusion between her and me, but it still upset me. I’d stop this from happening again if I could.
Ceci Woo Hoi-shan, 13, PLK Ma Kam Ming College

Final primary school camp

I would relive my final primary school camp.  It was just before my classmates and I graduated. It is the best memory I have.
Chloe Wong Cheuk-yiu, 12, Pope Paul VI College

Going out alone for the first time

It would be when I was seven and went out by myself for the first time. I remember feeling very nervous, but also very excited. After I arrived back home, I felt very brave for my age.
Choi Yoonjung, 14, Hong Kong International School

A gymnastic accident

I would go back to when I was in Primary Six, more specifically when I performed gymnastics in a show at my school. During one of our routines, my teammate fell from above me and broke her arm. I wish I could change what happened and be more careful so that no one got hurt.
Cherise Wong Tsz Ching, 14, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School 

Primary six

I would go back to when I was in Primary Six. Even though I had a lot of exams and needed to prepare for my interview to get into secondary school, I really enjoyed primary school. I loved my school, friends, and teachers.
Alice Lee Yuen-ching, 13, STFA Tam Pak Yu college

School's drama production

I would relive the week of my school’s drama production of The Mystic Shoemaker that happened earlier this year. It went by so quickly, I would love the chance to experience it all over again. It’s a sweet memory that I want to hold on to forever.
Chloe Lau Hong-ching, 13, St Mary’s Canossian College

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