I Say: If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?

I Say: If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:

Flower shop

I would open a flower shop. After pets, flowers are a human’s best friend. Just looking at them will make a person feel happier and more relaxed. Before I opened the shop, though, I would read up on all the different types of flowers, so that I could help my customers pick the flowers best suited to them. That way, they will be happy.
Chloe Li, 14, King Ling College

Make-up store

Lipstick, blush, foundation, toner … that’s right, I would sell make-up and skincare products. The name of my brand would be TW. I would decorate my shop with flowers, and I would have trees and grass inside. Everything would be super natural. All of my products would be of the highest quality, and I would make sure my employees would never sell anything that’s past its expiry date.
Theresa Wong Man-kuen,  13, Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School

Grocery store

I would open a grocery/convenience store. They sell things that people need in their day-to-day lives, and I would like to be the place they go to buy everything they need. I want to help save people time and effort. All of the goods in my store would be very creative. For instance, I would sell lamps in the shape of books. I want to make people happy, as well  as be useful to them.
Venus Ng Tsoi-yiu,  12, King Ling College

Seed shop

I would sell seeds. I know that people tend to be very busy in their lives. They don’t have the time to stop and appreciate nature. I want people to slow down and see what’s around them, so I would sell them something that encourages them to be patient and to love nature.
Yan Li, 12, Carmel  Pak U Secondary School

Online store that sells what girls really want 

I would sell girlie slime, planners, dolls, and more. I’m a girl, and I know what other girls would want to buy. I think knowing your customers is very important when it comes to selling things. Good marketing is very important too. Actually, I think I will really open up an online store!
Wan Tsz-ki, 12, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College


I would open a bookshop. I think too many people play on their phones and on their computers, and watch too much TV. I would sell books because I want more people to read and to learn more without a screen.
Charles Law Chau-wa, 12,  S.T.F.A. Tam Pak Yu College


I would sell cakes, just like they do in coffee shops. Students love coffee shops because they can study in them and relax with food and drink. They’re quiet, too. I would bake my own cakes and sell them to other shops, too.
Candice Soh Hei-tung, 13, Pope Paul VI College

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If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?


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Noah Oscar


I would choose a clothes store because I love to wear new and trendy dresses, in fact, I mostly bought my dresses from https://****reecoupons.com/view/mixxmix because here new and stylish collections of new dresses available all the time.

Alvaro Lopez


Its difficult to know, what is the best marketing strategy to sell in any shop, thats why people hire agencies to grow up every days in sales figures.


Kerry Hoo