I Say: If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?

I Say: If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:

Flower shop

I would open a flower shop. After pets, flowers are a human’s best friend. Just looking at them will make a person feel happier and more relaxed. Before I opened the shop, though, I would read up on all the different types of flowers, so that I could help my customers pick the flowers best suited to them. That way, they will be happy.
Chloe Li, 14, King Ling College

Make-up store

Lipstick, blush, foundation, toner … that’s right, I would sell make-up and skincare products. The name of my brand would be TW. I would decorate my shop with flowers, and I would have trees and grass inside. Everything would be super natural. All of my products would be of the highest quality, and I would make sure my employees would never sell anything that’s past its expiry date.
Theresa Wong Man-kuen,  13, Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School

Grocery store

I would open a grocery/convenience store. They sell things that people need in their day-to-day lives, and I would like to be the place they go to buy everything they need. I want to help save people time and effort. All of the goods in my store would be very creative. For instance, I would sell lamps in the shape of books. I want to make people happy, as well  as be useful to them.
Venus Ng Tsoi-yiu,  12, King Ling College

Seed shop

I would sell seeds. I know that people tend to be very busy in their lives. They don’t have the time to stop and appreciate nature. I want people to slow down and see what’s around them, so I would sell them something that encourages them to be patient and to love nature.
Yan Li, 12, Carmel  Pak U Secondary School

Online store that sells what girls really want 

I would sell girlie slime, planners, dolls, and more. I’m a girl, and I know what other girls would want to buy. I think knowing your customers is very important when it comes to selling things. Good marketing is very important too. Actually, I think I will really open up an online store!
Wan Tsz-ki, 12, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College


I would open a bookshop. I think too many people play on their phones and on their computers, and watch too much TV. I would sell books because I want more people to read and to learn more without a screen.
Charles Law Chau-wa, 12,  S.T.F.A. Tam Pak Yu College


I would sell cakes, just like they do in coffee shops. Students love coffee shops because they can study in them and relax with food and drink. They’re quiet, too. I would bake my own cakes and sell them to other shops, too.
Candice Soh Hei-tung, 13, Pope Paul VI College

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If you could open up a shop, what would you sell and why?


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