I Say: If I could have dinner with anyone, I would pick …

I Say: If I could have dinner with anyone, I would pick …

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:


Emma Watson would be an ideal dinner companion for one of our readers.
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Feminist icon

I would choose Emma Watson – who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies – because she is my idol. She has said in many interviews and speeches that she supports equal rights for women. She even speaks on behalf of the United Nations. I want to thank her for her efforts in protecting women’s rights, and in pushing for gender equality. 

Kimberley Chan Yan-tung, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Family first

I would pick my family. This is because my parents are very busy as they both have a lot of work to do, so we only get to eat together a few times a week. But I think having dinner with them is something that will make me most happy. This is why I would pick them.

Coolby Leung Yuen-shan, 13, Pooi To Middle School

I say: If I could meet any famous person from the past, I would meet ...​

The good word

I would pick Jesus Christ. He left us with a lot of teachings and messages. I truly want to meet him to ask him if he can forgive me for all my wrongdoings. I’d also ask for his support to do better in the future.

Yung Ho-long, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Imperial banquet 

I would eat with an emperor from the past. I am very interested in history, and I want to know which facts are true and which are false, since history books might not tell the whole truth. I could dine with someone who was actually there and ask them all the questions I want, and get to know what they are like.

Henry Chow Ka-hang, 13, King Ling College

I say: When I grow up, I want to be ...​

Mother knows best

I would pick my mum. My mum is very hard-working as she takes care of our house and also works at a restaurant. Because she works so hard, we don’t get to spend much time together. I’d love to have dinner with her so we can just talk, share our feelings, and get to know each other better.

Chau Uen-lam, 16, Leung Shek Chee College

Hollywood glamour

I would pick Tom Cruise because he has acted in a lot of famous films including the Mission Impossible franchise. My mom loves watching his movies. I want to ask him how he jumps from helicopters to building roofs, and I would ask him for some acting tips. I would also ask him to pay for dinner because he is richer than me.

Carly Chu Sin-ching, 11, Logos Academy

I say: I love my best friend because...​

Across the Atlantic

I would like to have dinner with Christopher Columbus, who is best known as the person who “discovered” America. I admire his bravery and curiosity, as they are two qualities that I want to have. I want to know more about his adventures sailing the Atlantic Ocean. 

Venus Ng Tsoi-yiu, 12, King Ling College 

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If I could have dinner with anyone, I would pick ...


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