I Say: If I could be any fruit, I would be a …

I Say: If I could be any fruit, I would be a …

The healthy option

I would like to be a kiwi because kiwis are my favourite, and they are healthy to eat. Kiwis can help people sleep better, studies show they might help protect our eyes, prevent cancer, and improve heart health. I want to be a fruit with many health benefits.

Josie Kwan, 12, Pope Paul VI College

Layers of taste

I would be a strawberry. I love strawberries very much because they taste a bit sour at first, but then become sweet. This reminds me of how people may seem a bit sour on the outside but once you get to know them better, you might find that they are actually sweet. I always try to be sweet and kind to others which is why I think a strawberry is the most suitable fruit for me.

Henry Chow Ka-hang, 13, King Ling College

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An orange a day...

I want to be an orange because they are good for you. They’re full of vitamin C and A. If everyone eats an orange everyday, I bet they’d find they wouldn’t have to go and see a doctor as much. This is why I think an orange is the best choice.

Winky Poon Wing-sze, 12, Pope Paul VI College

Curved fruits

I would be a banana because they are my favourite fruit. They’re available all year round and have high nutritional value.

Elly Hui, 13, St Paul’s School

Juicy and versatile watermelon

If I could be a fruit, I would choose to be a watermelon. It is a juicy and very versatile fruit. It can be made into juice or a salad. It’s not too sweet and it’s hard to get tired of the taste. Also, it can help cool us down on hot days. Don’t you think that’s amazing??

Helen Chan, 14, Pope Paul VI College

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An aquired taste

I would be a durian because it has a unique smell, and has thorns on the outside to protect itself.

Shum Wing-yan, 14, Pope Paul VI College

More than the taste

I would like to be a lemon. Lemons are not a popular fruit for many, but they can be used for a lot of things. For example, you can make drinks, like lemon tea. You can also make desserts like lemon tarts. But the main reason I want to be a lemon is because it can help remove strong odours.

Zoe Yeung, 13, Pope Paul VI College

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Tropical mango

If I could be any fruit, I would like to be mango because it is sweet and delicious. I like eating mango during the summer, but I cannot eat too many because my skin itches when I do. Mango trees are known to symbolise love, wealth, and even immortality, too.

Julia Ng, 12, Pope Paul VI College

Edited by Nicole Moraleda


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