I say: If I could be any emotion, I would be ...

I say: If I could be any emotion, I would be ...

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:

In pursuit of happiness

Happiness. I have been unhappy for the past few months because of one of my best friends. A while ago, I was sad and I wanted someone to listen to me and comfort me. I sent her a message, saying that I wanted to talk to her. She saw the message but didn’t reply. Why is it so difficult for a person to help someone who is down? I don’t understand it. 

Siu Lok-yiu, 15, STFA Leung Kau Kui College

Scaredy cat

It would have to be fear. Although many people say, “You should be brave”, if we have enough fear, we will do our best and be more careful. For example, if you have is a test coming up, fear reminds us to study hard. It will also prevent us from doing dangerous things. So we can’t live without fear.

Chong Ki-chun, 12,  PLK Ma Kam Ming College

I say: My biggest fear is …

Absolute delight

Delight, because it’s a positive feeling. If we do something well, we feel delighted about it. As a result, we work hard to do our best the next time. When we are happy, we have lots of energy and do things better and faster. Wouldn’t things be better if we were all delighted? 

Wan Oak Ching, PLK Tang Yuk Tien College

Looking on the bright side

Sadness. It is a negative emotion which can help us reflect on our lives and improve our mental health. You may think it’s weird, but when I am sad, I fight against it and try to be positive. As sadness, I would encourage people who are sad to think about some good things that have happened to them. Then, they might see the brighter side of life and treasure happiness.

Zoi Lau Hoi-kiu, 15, STFA Leung Kau Kui college 

I say: When I grow up, I want to be ...

A bit of both

That depends. If I were happy, I would share my feelings with my family. If I were sadness, I would face the world positively, and look for solutions to my problems.

Cai Xao, 13, Henrietta Secondary School 

Oh joy

Joy. I love being happy and crazy. I hate tears but I’d love them if they were tears of joy. I always want to make everyone around me happy. Being joyful is so much better than being sad. I want everyone around the world to  have a beautiful smile on their faces every time.

Ramanjot Kaur, 12, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

I say: If I had a million dollars…

Spreading the sunshine

Gaiety, as in happiness. Being happy is a good thing because you can lift other people’s spirits, too. Also, I believe that having a sunny personality helps me make more friends.

Kyle Wong, 12,  HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Anger management

Anger. I think most people are sad when they are in trouble or being told off. They may want to cry. As anger, I would help them to suppress that emotion. If they had to deal with me, an angry person, then maybe they wouldn’t be sad.

Jacky Chow Tin-ching, 12, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

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If I could be any emotion, I would be ...


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