Talking Points: Should the government spend money on the e-sports industry in HK?

Talking Points: Should the government spend money on the e-sports industry in HK?

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Ngai Yeung, 17, International Christian School

Even though e-sports is a relatively new concept, it is already highly popular. This is evident in the amount of views people rack up on the live streaming platform Twitch, and the generous amount of prize money in upper-tier competitions. Therefore, I think it is important for the government to sponsor the development of the e-sports industry – preferably right away, as the industry is rapidly evolving and it would be harder and costlier to catch up later on. After a foundation has been laid, however, the government should treat all sports equally and not allot extra funding for e-sports just because it’s the new big thing.

Felix Yeung, 15, Phillips Exeter Academy

I don’t see how this is even up for debate. To invest in e-sports would be to recognise an industry whose professionals require no technical skill or intellectual ability. There are many industries that could use some government support, and to invest in this one would give our youth yet another excuse to spend more mindless time on their devices. Our city has enough couch potatoes; we don’t need the government to make us some more.

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Tim Chan, 16, Munsang College

The government should spend money to develop the e-sports industry. Many major cities invest a huge sum of money in developing this industry, holding various tournaments to generate revenue. Shanghai has generated approximately 70 billion yuan (HK$85.2 billion) in 2017 from the e-sports industry by holding tournaments and providing financial support to the industry. Hong Kong can take Shanghai as an example, which could possibly help Hong Kong to generate more revenue, and open up an alternative career path for young people.

Lauren Faith Lau, 18, International Christian Quality Music Secondary And Primary School

Honestly, no. The e-sport industry is not worth the investment. Compared to other emerging industries in the city, e-sports is kind of irrelevant. Top gamers are able to make a living and can manage on their own. Besides, the majority of top gamers do not exist locally, there is only a small handful of them in Hong Kong. The government should instead invest their money on helping larger groups that need support such as the ageing population and ethnic minorities.

Job Tam, 17, Island School

Gaming – especially mobile gaming – is a huge thing among teenagers in Hong Kong. I think it’s too addictive, and believe it is unhealthy for gamers. Therefore I think the government should not help develop e-sports and instead provide more funding for normal sports. This would encourage more young people to go outdoors, be more active, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Should the government spend money to develop the e-sports industry in Hong Kong?


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