Talking Points: are food delivery services a good idea for Hong Kong schools?

Talking Points: are food delivery services a good idea for Hong Kong schools?

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Foodpanda is one of the companies offering food delivery in Hong Kong.
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Yeung Lok-yi, 15, Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College

Definitely! I’m sure most students will agree that school lunches are dreadful. A lot of us end up going out for lunch, but having to be back at school on time means we can only go to nearby restaurants, and this becomes boring after some time.

If schools allow students to use delivery services, such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda, I wouldn’t have to leave school during lunchtime or eat unhealthy food from the canteen. Whether it’s freezing cold (or blazing hot) outside, it would be nice to have our meals sent straight to school. This would be quite handy, too, especially if we have to attend class meetings or organise activities during lunch break.

Anais Leung, 15, PLK Ma Kam Ming College

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea, because students would order meals from many different restaurants, and schools would not be able to cope with the chaos. Campuses would be packed with delivery drivers at lunch time, resulting in arguments and all sorts of other problems.

Before schools give the green light to delivery services, they should figure out how to deal with such problems first.

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Peter Lo, 16, St Louis School

It’s a bad idea to allow students to use food delivery services during lunchtime. First, it’s not good for the environment. It means more styrofoam boxes, and plastic cups and cutlery will be sent to our landfills. Second, if the food arrives late, it could affect the lessons and inconvenience students who have brought home-cooked food. Third, some people could pretend to be delivery drivers and enter school grounds. Also, you’re supposed to order food from your phones, right? Well, students aren’t allowed to use their phones at school, so will the rules be changed?

Michelle Yan Suet-man, 14, PLK Wu Chung College

I think it’s a good idea. We have to queue for a long time to get seats at restaurants during lunchtime, especially in areas where there is more than one school nearby. Being able to use food delivery services would save us time, and we would have a lot more choices. We could place our orders during a break, and pick up our lunch from the gate.

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Asher Lau Ka-yan, 14, Tin Shui Wai Methodist College

Obviously food delivery services are a great idea. I don’t see any reason for schools to disagree. Some students go out at lunchtime, but if they are allowed to use food delivery services, they wouldn’t have to leave school. Also, this would mean students have more choice, and they wouldn’t have to always eat the same old food from the school canteen. So, why not?

Kelvin Kwan Ka-kit, 15, SKH Leung Kwai Yee Secondary School

I believe that food delivery services like Deliveroo are a good idea for lunchtime at school. First, Students don’t enjoy having lunchboxes nowadays. Students think the school lunchboxes taste awful. Second, food delivery services provide a wide range of food which really attracts students. Students have the opportunity to choose any cuisine they like. Third, food delivery services benefit teachers as well. Teachers often don’t have a lot of time for lunch as they need to prepare for lessons. Some even mark papers while eating. With delivery service, they can at least enjoy what they eat.

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Leung Chun-yin, 14, Tin Shui Wai Methodist College

In my opinion, I think food delivery services are a good idea for students. Many school canteens do not provide nutritious or delicious food. This makes Hong Kong students eat unhealthily. These services also let students have more choice in food. What’s not to love? 

Lau Sum-yuet, 17, PLK Wu Chung College

No, I don’t think so! A lot of students think that food delivery service is very convenient and fast but let’s not forget if we want to use this service, we need to order the food in advance with our mobile phones, the use of which is not allowed in school. 
Also, how chaotic will it be if hundreds of students order food through food delivery services at the same time? The school entrance will definitely be jammed with delivery workers and student customers, and those who choose to go out for lunch will also be affected. 

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Johnny Ho,13, HK & KLN Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School 

It’s a good idea. Nowadays we can see long queues outside restaurants at lunchtime. This is really a waste of time for both students and nearby workers. With delivery services, we can have more healthy choices and also a lot of variety.

Miko Wong,15, PLK Ma Kam Ming College 

Using food delivery services is more convenient than going out for lunch. Most of the schools in Hong Kong only provides one hour lunch. Meanwhile, many schools have the same lunchtime and students need to wait for a long time to buy lunch. If we can use food delivery services, we will have more time to relax and finish up school work. Therefore, food delivery services are a good idea for lunchtime at school.

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