ROYP: the quotes that help our readers deal with everything from self-esteem to homesickness

ROYP: the quotes that help our readers deal with everything from self-esteem to homesickness

We ask Young Post readers to share a little bit about themselves along with a quote that helps them get through life

Hey, readers! I’ve always had a passion for community service, but as I’ve begun to venture deeper into the realm of volunteer work, I’ve struggled with the question of whether everything I do is futile. I’ve found myself asking: what if every dollar I raise, every hour I volunteer amounts to nothing? What if, ultimately, my efforts are in vain? Then, I am almost always reminded of a quote I once read in a memoir:

Most inspiring quote:

“The love of a single heart makes a world of difference.”

– Immaculée Ilibbagiza, Rwandan genocide survivor and novelist

This quote inspires me because it allows me to recognise that, at the end of the day, each and every act, no matter how superficially trivial, can have massive ramifications. I am reminded by this quote that nothing I do is futile because, even if I do have an impact on only one other person, I can still make a world of difference to them.

Felix Yeung, (14)

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Hello, readers! In the past, I have been easily influenced by other people’s opinions about me. One single criticism would instantly bring me down for the whole day. My self-esteem was very fragile. Yet now my confidence has grown and I’m better equipped to deal with struggles – thanks to the quote below.

Most inspiring quote:

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

– Aristotle

This quote helped me realise that criticism is inevitable, and it is definitely not worth reducing ourselves to nothing for the shallow approval of others. That is how I decided to accept and learn from criticism in a constructive way. There’s always room for improvement.

Jenny Wong, (16)

Hey there! Have you ever felt homesick while you were in a foreign country? Perhaps you were studying abroad, or just travelling with friends? I have definitely felt homesick before, and it wasn’t because I was alone; I was simply away from the place and people I cared about most.

Most inspiring quote:

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

– American author Laura Ingalls Wilder

The quote made me realise how important it is to appreciate your home, friends and family. New experiences are fun, but there’s nothing quite like home – and you can have adventures on your own doorstep, too!

Sherrie Mak, (16)

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Hello there! Society has ways of keeping us all within certain confines. A “normal” student life goes something like this: sleep, study, ECAs, repeat. A lot of us probably think about breaking from the mould and chasing our passion, but are too afraid to try. The biggest dreamers don’t chase their dreams fearing that they will be crushed, and society will laugh in their face.

Most inspiring quote:

“In order to save myself, I have to destroy the me I was told to be.”

– Unknown

There are times when I want to chase my dreams, yet I am too afraid to try. There’s always some doubt or fear holding me back. Slowly and surely, this quote gives me the faith and courage to chase my dreams and ignore the voices telling me not to. It gives me faith to fail, and fail, and fail, and be perfectly all right with it. It gives me faith to come up stronger and tougher and to no longer bend to society’s will.

Heather Ng Xin-yi (17)

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The quotes that help our readers deal with everything from self-esteem to homesickness


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