Talking Points: should computer coding be part of the primary school curriculum?

Talking Points: should computer coding be part of the primary school curriculum?

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With technology becoming increasingly important, is coding going to be a basic skill?
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Theodore Leung, 10, Creative Primary School

I think computer coding should be taught. We use computers so often these days, it is important to understand how they work. Once we learn the basics of coding we can better understand how a computer is programmed to do what it’s supposed to do. A number of jobs, such as controlling a train for example, require some knowledge of coding. Some students may be interested in this sort of career.

Queenie Cheng Kwan-lai, 16, Leung Shek Chee College

In my opinion, learning to code is useful. We are living in the 21st century where technology drives our society. Computer coding is a basic element of technology, so it would be very good for children to learn coding, especially while they are in primary school when they don’t have too many other subjects to focus on.

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Asawir Fatima, 12, St Rose of Lima’s College

No, I don’t think so. Firstly, primary school students already have enough homework to stress about. Adding computer coding to their curriculum would only add to this stress.

Secondly, it would mean they would have another exam to worry about and study for, which again would put more unnecessary pressure on them.

Thirdly, since primary school students are still quite young and they may not all be able to understand coding, it would be better to teach it at a later stage such as secondary school when they can all benefit from the subject.

Adele Xu Chao-yu, 16, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Why not? We are living in a time where information and communication are very important, and learning how to communicate using a computer is something everyone should learn.

I think it is necessary to have a good foundation in coding, and five to 10 years old is the best age to develop a child’s interest. A basic knowledge of coding would not only allow us to understand how to control things like robots, but also develop logical thinking and can make studying other subjects easier.

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Saba Iftkhar, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College

I have to say no. In my opinion, computer coding may be too difficult for some primary school students to understand. Although I understand it is a valuable skill to learn, teaching it to them so early in life may put them off the subject as it might be too difficult for some to do well in.

I think computer coding is more suitable for secondary school students who would be able to understand it more easily. They would also be at a stage when they are exploring different career options and could find the field of computer coding interesting.

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Should coding be part of the primary school curriculum?


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