Letters from the dorm: studying law at university is challenging, but rewarding

Letters from the dorm: studying law at university is challenging, but rewarding

Let me set the stage:

Law is a black-and-white world where there are two sides: one must win and the other must lose; it’s fast-thinking, fast-talking and governed by rationality and logic.

I have a rather complicated relationship with law. Practising law has been something I’ve been considering for quite a while. I respect the law and those who practise it well.

Mastering this subject is surely no easy task, and yet it is often viewed as the clichéd path to power, privilege, and respect (which is debatable, considering lawyers aren’t portrayed favourably in literature and elsewhere).

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I am supposedly creative, imaginative and wild at heart, but aren’t these the qualities law, with its precision, exactness, and meticulous attention to detail, may gradually kill?

Nevertheless, I am drawn to law. Studying its intricacies and ins and outs is like navigating through a labyrinth or solving a logic puzzle.

The dense language and ideas appeal to me because I know how rewarding it feels once you manage to iron out the kinks, discover links between words and uncover the overarching theme of an issue. It sharpens not only my logic, but my instincts.

At times, however, I question whether I’m really drawn to law, and if I am, then why, and how deeply. Do I enjoy it because of my obsession with words and details, or because I love working and debating with intelligent people?

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Or it is because law is usually considered a desirable, respectable career path to choose, and one that will guarantee relative financial stability? Is it because of peer influence?

Or is it because of the way TV portrays detectives and lawyers on all those highly addictive criminal law shows? Lawyers are icy, cold-blooded, formidable and oh-so-cool characters, right?

Or perhaps its because puts you on the forefront of issues that matter to you — and to society?

Maybe it is an eclectic mix of all of the above. Either way, I plan to give it everything I’ve got. While its totally normal to meander your way through your twenties not quite sure where you’re going or what you want to achieve, my own sense of perfectionism means I don’t want to make mistakes now that would later disappoint my (potentially more demanding) future self.

So, game on!

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as
Law is ruthless, but so am I


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