YP Cadets On: YouTube channels to binge-watch now that school is out

YP Cadets On: YouTube channels to binge-watch now that school is out

Not sure what to watch on the vast sea of content that is YouTube? YP cadets show you six of the best channels to laugh at or chill out to!

Vivian - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

If you have the attention span of a caffeinated goldfish like me, you’re not going to be able to focus on normal TV news. After 10 seconds, the noise just blends into the background. That’s why watching funny TV programmes on YouTube is a great way to stay up to date on current affairs while getting a good laugh in the process.

My personal favourite is HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The shrewd Englishman utilises the archetype of a ‘sarcastic Brit’ in his show. Th show reviews a range of topics; from heated national events such as Brexit, to slightly more peculiar topic matters like cicadas – I know what you’re thinking, who cares? But you’ll still watch it because Oliver is hilarious. He’s got it all. A warning, though: approach the show with a light heart and a sense of humour; Oliver’s words can be harsh to some. He’ll manage to entertain you with comical interviews, hysterical analogies and the occasional parody video! It may seem pointless at first, but the satirical angle will hold your attention and keep you informed by the end.

Check out the rest of the channel here.

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Christy - TED-Ed

TED-Ed might seem a bit dull due to its academic vibe, but there’s a reason why it has more than 4.7 million subscribers! TED-Ed is my go-to channel when I’m stuck on a question that I’m too lazy to read it up on, or when I end up procrastinating. In just four short minutes, you can learn everything you want to know on subjects ranging from biology to history. It’s a fun, fast, and easy way to learn.

Apart from the educational videos, there are videos exploring thought-provoking questions such as “is time travel possible?” or brain-teasing riddles. TED-Ed makes it possible to relax and learn at the same time; be lazy and productive – how efficient! Besides, you get to show-off what you learned to your friends, or entertain classmates with challenging riddles!

Check out the rest of the channel here.  

Pearl - Mr. Kate

In the year when the word ‘aesthetic’ became both the hottest buzzword and a cliche, multi-platform channel Mr. Kate’s room makeover videos still manage to stand out. A personal favourite is the ‘OMG! We’re Coming Over’ series, in which the husband-and-wife duo take their viewers along for a fun look at the design process behind their home transformations for fellow YouTubers such as Lilly Singh and Eva Gutowski.

While I personally watch to see the very satisfying end result, their videos also include tips and tricks to make design goals attainable – even for the thrifty people out there. The channel boasts one million subscribers and close to one hundred million views – and deservedly so.

Check out the rest of the channel here.  

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Karl - Ed Sheeran

With 2 Grammy Awards and 2 Brit Awards already in the bag, it’s no wonder Ed Sheeran has over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. That makes him the 20th most subscribed user on Youtube. The 26-year-old English singer-songwriter’s most notable video on his channel – and my personal favourite by far – is his Shape of You music video. It has attracted more than one billion views online. I find Sheeran’s music to be catchy and relaxing. Whenever it comes on in the car, my family and I always groove along!

Check out the rest of the channel here.

Joyee - theRadBrad

Video games are great, but not everyone has access to the latest game or consoles – and that’s where gaming channels come in. YouTubers do playthroughs and reviews of games for all to see, so viewers can decide if the game is worth its price.

My favourite channel is theRadBrad. theRadBrad describes himself as a “professional chair thrower” on his Twitter bio, and his drama queen nature is exactly what attracts more than 7 million subscribers to his channel. He is loved for his humorous commentary and down-to-earth personality, especially in his most viewed video – with more than 12.5 million views – Grand Theft Auto 5 Ending/Final Mission - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 70 (GTA 5). From Resident Evil 7 to Star Wars Battlefront, Brad’s Let’s Plays will take you on an exciting ride through the gaming world.

Check out the rest of the channel here.

Iris - Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark’s melodic yet poignant single Sick of Losing Soulmates struck deep into the hearts of many. Clark mourns the end of a friendship – an experience that everyone can surely relate to. She is also vocal about her struggle with depression, and uses songwriting as a form of emotional therapy. With such personal and heartfelt lyrics like “my heart’s running out of sellotape” and “I must ignore my stupid head”, her songs elicit a sense of compassion from her viewers.

Clark is very different from more familiar Youtubers who often put on a bubbly facade when they are on camera. She is down-to-earth and true to herself, which makes her audience feel like they know her as a close friend rather than a distant celebrity to fantasize about. She turns her Youtube channel into a comfortable space for people to freely talk about mental illness and personal issues, allowing her fans to form a tight-knit community to help each other out. So if you’re looking for some sentimental music and thoughts on a lonely Sunday night, give Dodie a try.

Check out the rest of the channel here

Edited by Andrew McNicol

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