Letters from the dorm: photography lets me see the world from a whole new angle

Letters from the dorm: photography lets me see the world from a whole new angle


Photography has opened up a whole new world for Abiel.
Photo: Abiel ma

Recently, I have fallen in love with photography. I have always enjoyed videography, and loved making action-comedy films with my friends in high school. But I had never found photography as interesting as videography – not until I bought a new camera.

Suddenly I realised that photography is actually an art form; it tells the story we fail to put it into words. Photography captures a moment that represents lots of memories, reminding us of the people, places, and activities we have experienced, and it allows us to keep them forever.

At first, I just used Instagram to share some quick snaps of my daily life with friends and followers. After I bought my camera, I decided to go a little bit further and started sharing more serious photos. Fascinated with my new toy, I began to look at my surroundings through the eyepiece, and I started to see things that I had never noticed.

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With a camera, life becomes colourful and interesting. Many times I have realised I am actually looking at the world from a different angle. For instance, a beautiful sunset only lasts a moment, and you may not notice how its colours dance on the water, or how it amazes the people who witness this beautiful scene. But a camera can expose all this, and the true and raw beauty of the world.

As an international student, photography is also a way to cure my homesickness. Last Christmas, I spent a few days wandering around different districts in Hong Kong with my camera, trying to capture every puzzle of this bizarre city in a detailed, fancy way. No matter whether it was my old school, my favourite place, a street snack, a facial expression of a child or a couple in love, everything that would disappear sooner or later was captured. And being able to look at these images always helps when I miss my home town.

The famous photographer Aaron Siskind, once said: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever ... It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Try photography. It’s a wonderful way to tell your own story.


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