Talking Points: if society valued all jobs equally, would you do a less ‘respectable’ job?

Talking Points: if society valued all jobs equally, would you do a less ‘respectable’ job?

Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong. This time, we hear from students at St Margaret’s Girls’ School
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I am greatly interested in crocodiles and pythons.I find them very unique and beautiful.I am also into books and movies.

Kaur Pawanpreet, 16

I would like to do a less respected job such as being an air hostess. Flight attendants are underrated, as many people compare them to helpers. However, it’s a job that can help you explore the world while taking care of passengers from different backgrounds. You also get to work with different people, instead of having a fixed routine like a businessman, which could be quite boring.

Khan Zuhaa, 16

I wouldn’t mind working in a small workplace doing what I want and being happy. Occupations such as the arts are often labelled as a waste of time, and many people have sacrificed their talents and creativity just to fit into society’s norms. But if you let these views affect your decisions, it might make you very unhappy, and no job of any status or pay can fix that.

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Gurung Jeshika, 17

Society tells us that having a well-paid job is the key to a successful life. So many people focus on jobs that they are not interested in. They don’t risk doing something else because they are afraid that it will affect their future. But I don’t think this is true. We all have different talents, and we should take a chance to discover our interests, passion, and talent.

Khan Bibi Nadia Zaineb, 17

I would definitely pursue jobs that I am really passionate about regardless of the pay. If all jobs were valued equally, we would have fewer expectations and less pressure. No one would be able to push me into a career that I’m not passionate about or interested in.

Amjad Moeeza, 17

Society puts a lot of importance on academic jobs, so it is difficult for many young people to pursue their dream career. However, if these jobs weren’t so valued, I would definitely go for a career in investigative journalism. It has always been my dream to reveal the top secrets of global affairs.

Kaur Emandip, 17

There are many conservative people who believe in old, traditional values. However, if there was no such thing, I would definitely do a less respected job by becoming a journalist. Journalists do not get a lot of respect, as many people think they cause a lot of conflicts. But I disagree with this, so if I had the chance to follow my own heart, I would do this.

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Yadav Anjale, 16

Everyone has different opinions on whether a certain job is respectful or not. I believe that any job should be looked upon with respect as they are all important – even if some are not very prestigious. I wouldn’t mind doing a less respected job as long as it wouldn’t hurt anyone and I would be happy doing it.

Kaur Inderdeep, 16

If everyone wanted a respected job then we wouldn’t have movies! Many parents would not want see their children on the big screen because doing that will reduce them to being “beauty with no brains”. Thank god for Dev Patel.

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If society valued all jobs equally, would you do a less ‘respectable’ job?


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