If you were here: A video about the importance of family

If you were here: A video about the importance of family

Making videos enables us to express ourselves more freely, and they can also help improve our relationships with our parents


Inspired by the loss of her father, Luong Ying-ngai’s one-minute video, If You Were Here, highlights the importance of family

Two years ago, I joined the “Make a Video” contest organised by Unicef Hong Kong. I saw that people were not always willing to open their hearts to make friends. Therefore, I made my first one-minute video entitled “True Friendship?”

Since then, I have been fascinated by video making, and I have started to learn more techniques. Whenever I have time, I take photos and shoot videos with my friends. I joined the campus TV and photography club, and have produced videos on various topics. I have also produced promotional videos for the student union. Some friends even call me a “videographer” and invite me to help them make videos.

The experience I gained from “Make a Video” made me realise that film is not just about popular TV dramas or comedies. It serves as a channel for us to express our ideas. While it may be embarrassing to express one’s thoughts verbally, videos enable us to express ourselves more freely. Parent-child relationships can also be improved by means of videos.

This year, I joined the contest once again with the idea of making a video about cherishing family. Three years ago, my father passed away due to a heart attack. We had a close relationship when I was small. However, we drifted apart as I grew up. I was no longer interested in hearing his stories or telling him about my worries. Not until he passed away did I begin to regret this and cherish the present.

Nowadays, parent-child relationships are distant and teenagers often take things for granted. It is time they learn to treasure their loved ones before it’s too late. I hope everyone will come to realise the importance of family and show their love and appreciation for their parents.

Unicef HK’s “Make A Video” competition gives young people a chance to express themselves through video. The project is co-organised by Hong Kong Arts Centre’s IVFA, with support from Hang Seng Bank and Young Post. Check out the videos here. Email your feedback to edu@unicef.org.hk

Edited by Pete Spurrier

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Cherish your loved ones


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