Talking Points: if you could vote in the US election, who would you vote for?

Talking Points: if you could vote in the US election, who would you vote for?

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Ady Lam, 11, Island School

I’m not going to say Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Surprised? Well, then you’ll be even more surprised that there are more than three other candidates in the running to be the US president. I’d support Jill Stein from the Green Party, who claims she’d change to 100 per cent clean, renewable energy by 2030, and end police brutality and racism. Maybe search the US presidential election candidates 2016 on Google and see who else you’d find!

Tiffany Lim, 12,Tak Nga Secondary School

I’d vote for Hilary Clinton for sure, because she seems friendly and kindhearted. In one of her debates with Trump, she said that if she were president of the US, she’d make sure all children have the right to receive education, and she would do all she could to build an equal, inclusive and harmonious society – and that really warmed my heart. She’s not sexist like Trump, who seems really creepy to me (and a lot of other people, I’m sure). He is arrogant and rude, two things I do not like. He just continuously says the US is corrupt and that he’d fix it if he became the president, but I’ve never heard him say how he’d fix it.

Clinton because she seems fit to a be president. And let’s be honest, go GIRL-POWER!!!

Edison Ho, 13, Carmel Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary Clinton, because she supports a fair, liberal and democratic society. With her in power, Americans would continue to have a stable government. Hillary pays a lot of attention to the rights of women, children and poor groups. She wants to help people in need, and build an economy that works for everyone. She is focused on boosting economic growth, encouraging long term investment and creating more jobs.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has made some inappropriate public speeches insulting women. He brags that he is rich, which makes me wonder if he can respect and understand the average US citizen.

Jonathan Yeung Tsz-hei, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary Clinton! She is the only candidate who can make US strong agin! She has a lot of experience with solving problems both in the US, and around the world. Also, her husband Bill Clinton is a former president of United States, so he can support and help Hillary.

Kaur Manroop, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

I would definitely vote for Hillary Clinton because she has always fought bravely for women and children’s rights. For example, she created an office on violence against women at the Department of Justice. She also worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass the children’s Health Insurance Programme, giving 8 million children health coverage. To add on, she is open minded about people with different nationalities. It’s time we let a woman lead the world.

Nicole Chan,Tak Nga Secondary School, 13

I wouldn’t choose anyone in the US elections. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose Donald Trump. In other countries, whenever a female president gets the most support in an election, people also report feeling that they voted for the wrong person. Her support will drop, just like Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan and Park Geun-hye in South Korea. People think that voting for a female is gaining rights for females but can easily make the country worse.

Daisy Cheung Nga-yi, 16, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary Clinton because she is the wife of former US president Bill Clinton. She understands how the government operates. Also, as a feminist leader, she defends the rights and dignity of women, and doesn’t allow anyone to discriminate against them.

More importantly, Hillary has worked in the government for 31 years, whereas Donald Trump has never worked in government. Hillary’s rich political experience is her winning edge over Trump in 2016 US presidential election.

Nico Tse Cheuk-nam, 14, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I think Hillary Clinton is the suitable president for the United States because she thinks of her people and she cares about politics. She is much better than Donald Trump, who is very rude, and even once suggested killing those who are troublesome.

Moreover, Hillary has rich experience in working for the government. Also, her husband was the former US President. She can get support and advice from him. It is certain that Hillary is the most suitable presidential candidate.

Christal Li,14,Tak Nga Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary.

She is a great leader and has made a lot of effort for the US and women’s right. She can make the US better and better.

Kelly Ho, 13, Tak Nag Secondary School

Hillary Clinton is better than Donald Trump. She is polite, and she has admitted her past wrongdoings, such as using her private email to do her work. She was wrong but she admitted, and didn’t lie about it.

Yvonne Cheung, 13, Tak Nga Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary, because she is the former US secretary of state. She has a lot of political experience but Trump is just a businessman. Also, his remarks are too controversial.

Hillary cares about the right of women, and shows concern about the refugees issue.

Vivian Lee,13,Tak Nga Secondary school

I would vote for Hillary. I think she would be more sensible and calm to solve the problems. She has been working in government since 1983, so she has a lot of experience. She has been lawyer, Secretary of States, senator of New York and more.

Bobo Cheung Hok-yu, 14, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I would vote for Hillary Clinton because she is kind. She said she would allow refugees to go live in the US. She promotes global trade so it can speed up the economy. More importantly, she promotes environmental protection. We need a world leader who cares about the environment.

Laraib, 17, St. Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

Hillary Clinton tops my choice as one of the best models for being the president of the US. She is a powerful and inspirational female who can make a difference in people’s life and bring peace, equality and demolish discrimination in the country. Whereas her rival promotes separation from Islamic people, which resonates with inequality and terrorism.

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