Talking Points: should teenagers be allowed to buy alcohol?

Talking Points: should teenagers be allowed to buy alcohol?

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Edison Ho, 13, Carmel Secondary School

A lot of bad things can happen to people if they start buying and drinking alcohol at a young age.

Alcohol affects the learning and rational thinking abilities of young people. It could cause behavioural problems and lead to violence and drug use. Teenagers could get easily addicted to alcohol. They might think it is a good way to release stress and forget their unhappiness, but once drinking alcohol becomes a habit, it is very hard to quit.

Eunice Yung Po-yiu, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy alcohol because it is very dangerous. It is illegal for anyone younger than 18 to drink alcohol, so the government should set some laws to prevent teens from buying it. For example, if people want to buy alcohol, they should have to show their Hong Kong ID card.

Jennifer Lau Wing-yan, 14, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I am strongly opposed to teenagers buying alcohol. Teenagers are still young, and alcohol will affect their development. It can increase the risk of cancer and can cause brain and heart damage. Drinking is addictive, and it would make teenagers lose control.

Bryan Lau Jac Khan, 16, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy alcohol. Teenagers always want to look more grown-up, and some people might think that drinking is a way to show their maturity. But teens don’t have enough self-control to start using alcohol.

The news is filled with reports about drunk teenagers who have bad things happen to them, e.g. being robbed or even raped. Some drink so much that they must be sent to hospital.

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

Absolutely not. When you’re a teen, your mind works in mysterious ways. Only fellow teenagers can understand. Adults and younger children? Not so much. And besides, enough teens are getting in trouble – especially in Hong Kong. But even so, once you’re 16 and have an adult with you, you are allowed to buy alcohol. So, really, they should be changing this and making the guidelines more strict.

Lily Chan Ka-wai, 15, Fung Kai Lin Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Teens should not be allowed to buy alcohol because it is unsafe for them. Some student will skip school or skip homework. Schools should have a talk and activities to teach kids about alcohol.

Arzoo, 14, Tak Nga Secondary School

Of course not! Alcohol can disturb a normal student’s life. It can make students lose control , and can lead to serious damage to organs in our body. Students should never touch it!

Serena Li Sum-yi, 14, Carmel Secondary School

No, it is a bad idea to allow teenagers to buy alcohol and drink. Not only will teenagers easily get addicted, but alcohol could possibly give them permanent brain damage. The chemicals that are in alcohol can slow down their development and make them fall behind in class. more importantly, under the influence of alcohol teenagers might do stupid things that they will regret in the future, such as fighting with others.

Some people say alcohol can make teenagers feel good and help them forget all the pain in life, but this is not true. Life is tough and full of difficulties. We need to handle it with courage and a conscious mind. Alcohol can only make things worse.

Mianne Wong, 14, Carmel Secondary School

Teenagers should be banned from alcohol because it may be harmful to their health, as well as affect their academic performances.

Don’t forget that alcohol can also hurt teenagers’ relationship with their family. Teens may cause trouble and their parents might have to take responsibility for them. Schools should teach students the potential side effects of drinking alcohol. The police might also inspect more to catch teens who are drunk.

Chris Chu Lok-yan, 16, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy alcohol, since most of them are not mature and disciplined enough to control themselves. If they can buy alcohol whenever they want, they might start drinking all the time. Besides, teenagers are still in puberty, which is an important period for growth and development. Drinking could affect their health or cause serious damage to their growth.

Jerry Chan, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy alcohol because it is bad for our health. It will lead to us feeling tired and sick, and we won’t want to work or study anymore.

Matthew Ip, 17, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College

I don’t think alcohol is so bad for teenagers. In society, drinking alcohol is very common. Most people have tried it and very few think drinking is a major problem. Actually alcohol will not affect our health if we don’t drink too much.

Although we don’t drink alcohol as children, most of us will drink once we become adults. So then, why can’t teenagers touch it? In fact, although teenagers can’t buy alcohol, I still believe that most of us have tried it – and I am one of them. So I trust that we should allowe teenagers buy alcohol, but they shouldn’t be allowed to buy too much.

Shingo Yip, 15, Carmel Secondary School

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy alcohol. It’s best if parents educate their children about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking alcohol and let them drink it with them. This way they won’t be so eager to try it, because teens are always curious about forbidden things.

The best way in my opinion is not to let teens buy alcohol, but it should be OK to drink with your parents because they’re the best to consult and experience with.

Jason Chow Cheuk-yin, 16, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Absolutely not. Alcohol influences our brain. It’s easy to become addicted to it and teenagers may easily become alcoholics.

Kayleigh Lee Oi-yung, 16, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Teenagers, those aged 12-18, are expected to grow in a healthy environment. If teenagers are allowed to buy alcohol, they might experience negative effects. They may like the relaxing feeling at the beginning and drink more and more gradually. After a long period of time, they may lose their health and always feel dizzy and tired. Some may even drop out from school and their social circle.

Kwan Cheuk-lun, 17, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

Teenagers should not be allowed to buy and drink alcohol because of the following reasons. First of all, alcohol will adversely affect the development and functions of their brain. Besides, young people who are addicted to alcohol have a higher risk of suffering from liver problems later in life.

Wong Chung-wing, 15, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

If it becomes legal for teenagers to buy alcohol, more teens will be tempted to try beer and alcoholic drinks. If they become addicted to alcohol, it is bad for their health. If teenagers drink alcohol at a very young age, their mental development will be greatly affected.

Besides, alcohol abuse may have serious consequences. Drunk teenagers might do some bad things, such as vandalism and fighting, without even knowing about it. They may break the law and be caught by the police and end up in jail. They may ruin their future as a result.

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celina james


Students should avoid drinking it affects the brain at earlier stage and leads to other disorders. They cant concentrate in their studies too