ROYP: From Racing in the Rain to Top Gear, here are bits of wisdom collected by our readers

ROYP: From Racing in the Rain to Top Gear, here are bits of wisdom collected by our readers

Each week, we ask some of our Young Post readers to share a little bit about themselves and a quote that helps them get through life

I am a very determined person. However, sometimes I neglect the significance of willpower, and at other times, I blame my destiny for my problems.

Most inspiring quote:

“That which you manifest is before you. The visible becomes inevitable. Your car goes where your eyes go.”– Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain

In life, good and bad things happen to us and are done by us. We are all affected by things that happen to us. Even when we are in the worst possible situation, if we refuse to give up and not blame others for our bad luck, there is always a chance that we will win.

Cotrina Fung (15)

Hi guys! I’m going into Form Five in September, which means there is only a year and a half left for me to get ready for the DSE. Although academic results are important, I will still make some time for my hobbies and interests.

Most inspiring quote:

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”– Zig Ziglar

My volleyball coach first introduced this quote to me. I found it thought-provoking both on the court, and in my daily life. Whenever I make a decision or struggle with exams, it always reminds me to be diligent in a world full of temptation.

Katniss Tsang (16)

ROYP: From Muhammad Ali to George S. Patton Jr, here’s what inspires our readers

Hello! I sat for my HKDSE this year. As I messed up in an important subject (don’t ask which one), I can’t get into a local university, so I’ll be going back to Auckland [in New Zealand] for further studies. I’m into all things global, from sport to international politics and indigenous cultures.

Most inspiring quote:

“How hard can it be?”– Jeremy Clarkson

We face a lot of challenges in life, including schoolwork and peer pressure. If you have a positive attitude, it can help you stay focused on the task at hand, and might even make problem-solving much more enjoyable!

Justin Wong (15)

Hi guys! Like every single person in the world, there are haters who are desperate to “hunt me down”. There will always be people who do not like you and that is absolutely fine. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and live your life!

Most inspiring quote:

“The best way to be happy is to change the way you perceive negative thoughts.”– Anonymous

I can’t control what others say, so I don’t worry about it. I ignore them or treat their words as compliments. This makes me happy. Enjoy your life and find joy in the ordinary.

Natalie Lam (15)

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