ROYP: From faith to effort, here are how our readers change the world

ROYP: From faith to effort, here are how our readers change the world

Hi guys :) This was my first year of secondary school.

I overcame many obstacles, ranging from my weak subjects (like food tech) to mean people who like to bully others. But I learned that, if I hadn’t been knocked over, I wouldn’t know how to deal with tough situations.

Most inspiring quote:

“There can be miracles, when you believe!” - Singers Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey

This quote has really been an inspiration for me, given me hope, and in the end, helped me make it through my whole year. It was a rough and rocky path, but thanks to this song’s chorus, I was inspired to keep going! I hope you guys will also carry on when you have difficult times and remember this: DON’T STOP BELIEVING!

Hillary Lo (11)

Hiya! I’m a really adventurous and open-minded girl. I like to take part in a lot of different programmes and camps to gain hands-on experience. It makes up for the lack of projects at my school; you know, we only know how to study and memorise books.

Most inspiring quote:

“You have to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t.”- Unknown

This quote motivates me to try something new, even when I think it’s pointless. You never know what you’ll learn from it. This is why I’m so mature and open-minded compared to my friends. I’m not scared to communicate with others and learn from their stories. It’s really interesting what new things you might do or learn.

Jeanie Li (15)

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