Letters from the dorm: University is a chance to grow as a person, and as part of a group

Letters from the dorm: University is a chance to grow as a person, and as part of a group


April Xu (back row, second from right) says it has been very rewarding to work with a group of dedicated people.
Photo: April Xu

I feel its weight in my hands. Its interesting texture. The unique scent. I feel pride and joy as of turn the pages. Each one brings back memories of all the precious moments that we shared, carefully pondering over each detail, discussing our thoughts, and making decisions that would define our ever-evolving identity and shape our future.

As we handed out the latest print edition of the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy, we celebrated the fruit of another semester’s hard work with a wonderful release party.

College is about growth. We grow intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally, but this growth is not just limited to us as individuals; it also applies to groups and student-run organisations.

In my first semester of university I got involved with the journal as a staff writer, and have served on the executive board as senior editor and, currently, chief operating officer. Despite the amount of work college classes and other extracurricular engagements require, I have always enjoyed devoting a few hours of my spare time to the journal.

Letters from the dorm: The art of having fun while attending a demanding university

Our journal is the product of a dedicated group’s collaboration, a brainchild of many, and a story of growth in itself. It demonstrates that although American universities do not offer law degrees at the undergraduate level, students who are passionate about law and public policy could work together to create a publication that covers a range of fascinating topics. The process is intellectually fulfilling, challenging, and of course, filled with tonnes of fun elements.

I see our weekly meetings as a special treat, especially during academically stressful periods. Everyone can contribute to the weekly agenda – all hail, democracy! – which covers not only the editorial side of the journal, but also law and public policy events we are planning, our evolving identity as an undergraduate journal, fun activities for staff members to bond, and more.

Additionally, it feels great to see how other people – who are also college students striving to ace all of the apparently endless rounds of midterms, presentations, papers, and finals – still manage to conduct their own research on law and public policy topics that they are personally interested in. Some articles may be extensions to what our writers have started exploring as part of their classes, summer internships, or research projects, while others are completely uncharted territories.

The experience of working alongside a group of dedicated people has been truly rewarding.

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Growing as a person, as a group


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