Top 10: if you could have the ability of a fictional character, who would you choose?

Top 10: if you could have the ability of a fictional character, who would you choose?

This week we asked our readers: if they could have the ability or powers of a fictional character, who would they choose and why? Here are our favourite answers...

Feel the burn

I would like to have Superman’s laser-beam eyes. Wouldn’t it be cool to burn the person you don’t like just by looking at them? Wahaha (evil laugh)!

Sebiha Amjad,14, Tak Nga Secondary School

Flame on!

The Human Torch. How cool would it be to fly in flames and be the centre of attention? I’d need no transport to take me home. I could help my family save electricity by spontaneously combusting myself! Wait, I could cook food with my heat too! Killing multiple birds with one stone.

Natalie Chong, 15, Carmel Secondary School

The dark knight

Batman. He is intelligent and upstanding. He is different to other superheroes because he is the only one with no superpowers. However, he works very hard to build his fitness and willpower. He often uses intellect and detective skills to defeat the enemy so I want to be like him.

Raina Li, 14, Tak Nga Secondary School

Healing feeling

Wolverine from the X-Men. If I were him, I would possess the ability of self-healing, saving me from being wounded or killed. What matters more is that I’d always win when fighting with others.

Leung Fei, 15, Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

What’s your weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?

Double quick

The ability of Quicksilver – to move fast. I have to get up very early in order to arrive at school on time. If I had this ability, I could get to school in two seconds. That way, I could get more rest. Having enough rest is very important to a student.

Daniel Lau, 12, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Rain, rain, don’t go away

Storm, from the X-Men, because she can control the weather. I could make it sunny, windy or even snowy. Most importantly, I could make it rain all day so I don’t need to go to school. Ha ha!

Mason Li,13, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Never grow up

The powers of Peter Pan. He can fly without wings and he can refuse to grow up. I want to fly wherever I want so I can travel all around the world. I also don’t want to grow up because the grown-up world is complex.

Liu Man-ki, 13, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

May the force be with who?

May the force be with me

The force of Jedi knights. I want to use this ability to help others. But if we help people in danger, we may also be in danger. If I had the force, I could do more challenging work. Maybe I could help remove rocks from fallen buildings when earthquakes happen.

Vince Lam, 15, Carmel Secondary School

A stark choice

I love maths and science. Iron Man is different to the other superheroes who get their superpowers out of nowhere. To me, those heroes’ powers are nonsense. But Iron Man is different, his suit is based on calculations and scientific methods. It is possible that it could be made some day.

Zay Chan Chin-hung, 13, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Let it go

I would choose the power of Elsa, as it would be very useful in summer. I could enjoy free cold drinks or icy lemon tea every day. Also, I wouldn’t have to use air conditioners any more, as everywhere could be frozen. The summer could go away and we could solve the problem of global warming too.

Chan Cheuk Lam, 14, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

For our next Top 10, tell us: if there were no adults in Hong Kong for a day, what would you do? Send your answers, along with your name, age and school, to with “Top 10: no adults” in the subject field. Our favourite answers will appear in next week’s Top 10 page!

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