Talking Points: how much does it cost for a family of four each month in HK?

Talking Points: how much does it cost for a family of four each month in HK?

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Expenses in Hong Kong can really add up.
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Cham Shueng-lee, 12, Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College

A family of four needs at least HK$16,000 to survive, because we need money for rent, food, daily necessities. medicine, and travel expenses. In Hong Kong, the rent is high. For example, a 100 sq ft sub-divided flat costs around HK$3,000. Food and daily necessities are also very expensive, and will cost about HK$6,000. There are long queues in public hospitals, so some people will need to see private doctors – which isn’t cheap: it costs around HK$300 each time. Transportation is another big cost in Hong Kong is not cheap. For example, if I go from Tin Shui Wai to Lok Fu by MTR, I need to pay HK$20.5 for a single trip!

Osacr Lo, 15, Chong Gene Hang College

A family of four needs about HK$37,000 each month. There are lots of daily expenses,such as transportation, food, rent, water, electricity, and gas. All of these could add up to HK$25,000 if the family is not living in a public estate. Also, sometimes a family might have an emergency, like having to go see a doctor. A family with children also has to spend more money on tuition, school uniforms, and text books, so life in Hong Kong is very expensive.

Gurung Agisha, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College

To have a good living standard, a family of four needs HK$40,000 per month or more. This would cover all living expenses, such as flat rental, water and electricity bills, food, transportation, and more. Depending on the financial management of the household, money could even be saved up for future medical insurance.

Ivan Lam, 17, Tin Shui Wai Methodist College

It would probably be HK$30,000 for keeping a four-person household. Regardless of the general expenditures – flat rental and electricity – there is still a lot of other costs we have to pay for. A few decades ago, HK$20,000 dollars might have been enough, but rampant inflation has made life in Hong Kong a lot more expensive.

Wong Yin Ching,18, Caritas St Joseph Secondary School

A family of four can get by with HK$9,500 a month if they have no unnecessary spending. If they live in public-housing, the rent each month is around HK$2,000, with another HK$1,500 for all the bills. Imagine that everyone uses HK$50 a day for meal and taking transport. For four people, that comes to HK$6,000 for a month. Add this up and it means a four-person family needs HK$9,500 each month – but they can’t eat out or buy anything they don’t actually need.

Wong Tsun-ho, 16, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

A family does not need a dollar to survive. As we all know, people in jail do not need to pay for a place to sleep and three main meals. Therefore, the least amount of money that a family of four need should be zero. However, I don’t think any normal person will try that.

Ansar Aneeta,17,St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

A family of four would at least need around HK$25,000 monthly for rent, food, clothing and transportation. However, they also need money for emergencies or future planning. And survival doesn’t just mean basic needs, we need to escape stress, so we need money for entertainment as well.

Jenna Ko, 17, PLK Ma Kam Ming College

To survive each month, family of four in Hong Kong needs HK$20,000 because daily life is very expensive. Children are also forced to go to tutorial classes to improve their academic performance, so HK$20,000 is a basic necessity.

Asif Kainaat,16, HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School

A family of four needs HK$25,000 to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. This will cover their day-to-day expenses, such as transportation, food, clothing, education, and most importantly, the rent.

Queenie Leung ,18, HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School

For all the basic expenses of a family of four , at least HK$15,000 is needed. Everything from rent to water to electricity charges, and the cost of daily meals is getting more expensive. Rent takes up a huge portion of our income as the property price keep rising. What’s more, if your children have to join some extracurricular activities , you’ll need to spend even more.

Serbuja Belita, 17, St Margarets’ Girl’s College, Hong Kong

Since I belong to a family of five, I know how much is actually needed for four. Even though now it’s my parents’ responsibility, later on the children will be able to give them more financial help.

Tam Yu-ting, 17, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

A family of four needs HK$18,000: HK$9,000 for rent, HK$3,000 for meals, and HK$6,000 for other uses. That’s the minimum. Leung Chun-ying said that HK$9,000 is enough for a single parent family to survive in Hong Kong. Is that reasonable? Maybe it was just a joke because it is very “funny”.

Ady Lam, 11, Beacon Hill School

I’d say around HK$60,000. If you count all the things that are needed just for a family of four, then you’d certainly agree with me. For example, many families have a domestic helper, and then there are school fees and extracurricular classes. That’s not even mentioning the food we need.

Kion Yee, 15, Chong Gene Hang College

People pay almost HK$6,000 just to live in cage homes. Food is also very expensive here, as is transportation .Although the government offers the (WITS) Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme And (M&IE)Meals and Incidental Expenses, for a family of four it’s still very difficult. So I think a family should have at least HK$20,000 to live in this horrible place.

Tang Chi Man, 17, PLK Ma Kam Ming College

It seems to me that a family of four in Hong Kong does not need a single dollar to survive. As you may know, Hong Kong is a hilly city. It would be a great idea for Hongkongers to live in the hills or mountains. They can hunt and farm for themselves. And the best part is, they can have a firsthand experience of Man vs Wild. Hongkongers love watching this American reality show.

Lo Tin Chiu,16, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

Many people think that living in Hong Kong is very difficult since it’s so expensive. But surviving in Hong Kong is very cheap even for a family of four! You and your family members just need to rob a bank and wait for the police to arrest you. Then, you can survive in Hong Kong for free ... in jail.

King Lam, PLK Ma Kam Ming Secondary School

Hongkongers know that it costs HK$40 million to raise a child. Divide that by 12 months a year for 20 years, that’s HK$10,000 a month. That’s already HK$20,000 a month if you have two kids.


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Chun Ngai


In order to survive,I guess HK$15000 is okay.First of all,the rent of a cage home will be around HK$5000 and it has already occupied 33% of the total.Then,for a family of four,food and transportation have occupied the other 66% of the total,which is HK$10000.It means that even though you do not live in a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle,you still have to pay a lot in order to survive instead of enjoying the life.