Talking Points: What would be the focus of your political party?

Talking Points: What would be the focus of your political party?

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Allyna Choi Wing-tung, 17, Methodist College

Many people claim that Hong Kong’s education system spoon-feeds students, hampering their creativity. Also, there are so many exams that students feel stressed and “burnt out”.

So I would call my political party “The Youth Voice”. Our main focus would be to improve the education system using the American model, where students have more freedom to pursue their interests. We would try to reduce the  syllabus, and tell people not to judge students by their exam results alone. This would lessen their stress and they would be able to enjoy their school life.

Stephen Chau Sheung-lam, 13, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

I would call my party the Hong Kong Livelihood Association. As the name suggests, its objective would be to improve the  livelihood of “native” Hongkongers.

Already there are many associations and parties in Hong Kong that focus on this issue, but we need more such groups. In 2014, a survey showed that almost a million Hongkongers were living in poverty. This, combined with our rapidly ageing population, has posed tremendous challenges to the elderly and public health care services.

I would use our resources to help native Hongkongers only. The others, such as those whose parents are not Hongkongers, should not be allowed to enjoy social welfare. This is not fair to native Hongkongers who live below the poverty line.

Angel Kong Ho-yan, 13, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

Nothing would be better than having a political party named “Free Political Party”. Its members would be truly free; they could say whatever they wanted and give any kind of advice.

Our main focus would be the quality of life, including housing, shops, parks, and public welfare. I’m pretty sure that everybody wants to live happily, and those are the most important things to make that happen.

Yiu Pak-hei, 9, St Francis of Assisi’s English Primary School

My political party would be called the “Environmentally-friendly Party”. Many people in Hong Kong are worried about pollution, so my  party would make Hong Kong more environmentally-friendly; for example, we would cut down fewer trees. The party would also encourage people to use more electric vehicles, so the city’s air quality would be better.

Arzoo Muhammad, 14, Tak Nga Secondary School

If I founded a political party, I would call it “Environmental Group”. It is easy to understand, and although no one seems to care about the environment, it is a big issue. For example, there is a huge, illegal waste dump in Tin Shui Wai. The site was once a green belt, but now it’s a wasteland. Air pollution, mainly caused by car exhaust fumes, is also a major problem in Hong Kong.

Most people ignore news about the environment, but we should care about the place where we live. If we don’t, it will cause serious problems in the future.

Lots of countries have political parties focusing on the environment, and Hong Kong needs one as well!

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