Talking Points: What’s the worst fashion trend out there right now?

Talking Points: What’s the worst fashion trend out there right now?

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Johnson Chan Chung-yan, 16, Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial College

These days, the Korean fashion has become the worst trend across the globe. All kinds of people go mad for Korean music, but I believe that stars who all look the same are the worst. With so much plastic surgery, it seems that all the artists in Korea have double eyelids and a v-shaped chin. Cosmetic surgery? Right! Korean natural beauty is totally thrown away!

From my point of view, fashion can be anything – but we should keep our natural beauty. Korean fashion is odd, boring and “beautiless”.

Clara Chan Hoi-ying, 17, Wa Ying College

Wearing skinny trousers and tight leggings is the worst fashion trend on Earth, as it can cause a series of health problems. There is scientific proof that too much tightness on someone’s thigh can make their legs go numb. So if you wear very tight jeans or leggings, it can cut off the circulation and make your feet go to sleep. In the worst cases, wearing jeans that don’t fit has actually mad people pass out! Is it really worth a trip to the hospital just to be “fashionable”?

Chan Kai-yu,14, Tak Nga Secondary School

The worst fashion trend is students wearing luxury fashion brands. Clothes from famous fashion designers don’t suit students, and people will feel that you are trying to be too mature. You will waste your money and waste the designer’s effort.

If we want to be more stylish then we should choose suitable clothes – something that looks younger.

Chan Wing-huen, 13, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Wearing coloured contacts is a terrible fashion trend. People wear them because they want to have big watery eyes like K-pop stars, and the coloured contacts look nicer than the normal ones. However, it can hurt your eyes. They are thin, but when they cover your pupils, they block the air. Wearing them for a long time can really irritate your eyes!

Mitch Kwok, 13, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

The worst fashion trend is high heels, because they are not “exactly” the same shape as the human foot. Why buy shoes that hurt your feet and cost a lot more than normal shoes? No reason! People like to make themselves look taller by heels but this isn’t worth it. They hurt your feet by forcing them into an unnatural shape the whole time you’re wearing them. What if you tripped over? Normal shoes can actually give a little bit of protection when falling over but high heels are sort of the opposite.

Leung Ho-kei, 13, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Coloured contacts are the worst fashion trend ever, but many people wear them to change the colour of their eyes, ignoring the possible risks.

These contacts don’t let a lot of oxygen through, and that can make your eyes itchy and even give you a serious infection. They were invented to help people who couldn’t see very well, but now, people only use them to be “fashionable”. See the difference?

Rainis Cheng, 12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

Punk is one of the worst fashion trends out there. People have been dying their hair shocking shades of platinum blonde, neon orange, and even electric blue! Yes, it does give people a “bad boy” or “bad girl” image – if that’s what you really want – and it does make you seem independent. But even the people that are really impressed by the colours will still be taken aback by your threatening looks. Think about it. The bright, neon colours are pretty eye-catching, and along with the “punk signature” heavy makeup and eyeliner, it could make people imagine that you have weapons and so forth. Also, punk style doesn’t really fit in to most situations. When your school finally lets you wear casual clothing to a school picnic or whatever, they might have a T-shirt and jeans in mind, so if you turn up with punk clothing, your teachers may not be pleased. The same goes for family gatherings. Without having a chance to dress up in them, you might end up growing out of these clothes without wearing them 10 times.

Lee Wing-tung, 13, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary school

Having nose rings is the worst fashion trend out there right now. It is strange. Why do people need to have rings on their nose? It’s not as nice as earrings, and it doesn’t look professional. Many employers don’t hire employees who have nose rings because it gives customers a bad impression.

Renee Tsang,12, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

The worst fashion trend out there right now is dying hair. The colour of the dyed hair is very disgusting. I don’t like when people have hair in some crazy and weird colours such as red, green, purple, or even multi-coloured. When I see the people who have weirdly coloured hair,it makes me think they are like a monster! Also, I think that they don’t respect what their parents gave them.

Dying hair may also damage the health of hair.

Charlotte Hung Yan-tung ,13, Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School

The worst fashion trend is couple T-shirts. It’s outdated. Like couples in the 1900s, wearing the same clothes, it seems like they don’t have other kind of shirts to wear. Besides, T-shirts are too common, the fashion trend of females and males are different nowadays, couples will rather choose to wear different styles of clothes instead of wearing couple T-shirts. They’re also too simple, like just a cloth to cover all of your clothes with no pictures on it. It’s not attractive enough or beautiful enough.

Arzoo,14, Tak Nga Secondary School

Sagging pants always look so awkward, and nowadays some boys wear their pants sagging lower than their underwear. This is the worst fashion trend ever!

Justin Bieber is partly responsible. I like a few of his songs, but he is too much. He is one of the people who wears sagging pants, and it looks so silly. To me, sagging pants means: “I forgot to put on my belt.”

I don’t know how they can walk in sagging pants. Aren’t they embarrassed? They don’t consider the rest of us, who have to see this terrible fashion. Please stop this fashion trend, or I am afraid that next we’ll have girls in saggy pants. So let it end here.

Karina Fan Ka-yi, 13, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation School

Septum piercing, which is a kind of nose piercing, is a growing trend. More and more people accept this fashion, but not only is it ugly, it could bring some health problems.

The hole will remain on your nose for your whole life if you pierce it, so you should really think carefully. It could also get infected. Just do a Google image search and you will see some disgusting examples. If the wound is festering, the patient needs to see doctor and, yes, endure great pain for a whole month. Do you want pain? For me, I will always value my health and feeling over chasing fashion.

Tom Lau, 15, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

The worst fashion trend out there is fur. It is wrong to think that fur is beautiful. Can you imagine a person wearing a bloody, dead fox, walking down the street? It sounds quite disgusting. However, wearing a finished fur product is basically the same. The animal has still died a horrible death, and the person is dressing up in the body parts of a dead animal.

Over-hunting has already caused the extinction of many animals. When people wear fur, they are acting so foolishly; they don’t understand how serious the problem of over-hunting has become. Most of the animals killed for fur have an important role to play in the food chain, and killing them affects us all. Stop wearing fur for fashion and protect animals.

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