Face Off: Should students get a job the summer before Form Six?

Face Off: Should students get a job the summer before Form Six?

Joshua Lee, 17, Sha Tin College

While the summer holidays are still several months away, it is never too early to start making plans about how to pass the time. For some students, their so-called plans would involve waking up at 2pm, lounging around the flat and binge-watching several seasons of their favourite TV show. For others, their summer holiday would consist of studying and preparing for the upcoming school year.

I believe students should really consider taking up a job during this long break from school. This can provide valuable real-world experience, paving the way for a productive and meaningful holiday.

In whatever field you work, you would be able to get a first-hand look at the labour market and what you should do to have a successful career.

Suddenly being forced to take on many responsibilities and interact with strangers can be challenging, but you would be able to get an insight into what life is like outside the classroom. This would boost your confidence, and prepare you to enter the work force than any amount of studying could do.

Getting a summer job is also a good way to improve your communication skills and learn how to manage your time properly.

Also remember that doing a summer job is about more than earning some extra cash – it could help you find better jobs in the future. And you’ll learn to appreciate the value of money once you start earning it yourself.

Lucinda Kam Wing-lam, 19, University of Hong Kong

Many employers today have high expectations of their workers. They want the employees to be highly educated and experienced. Is this the case for a Form Five student who is looking for a job?

Do you get a summer job simply to fulfil the expectations of your future employers? I don’t think so because there are many useful ways for students to spend their summer holiday.

The low academic qualifications limit a students’ chance of even being called for an interview. Even though these students may have taken part in various extra-curricular activities, it wouldn’t be enough to prepare themselves for the type of work they would be asked to perform.

The summer before Form Six can be spent by playing or studying, or a combination of both. Students should take part in sports activities because it could be their last “free” summer during secondary school.

However, they should also use the summer holiday to prepare for the DSE because it is a very important exam.

No matter what they decide to do, they should not think about getting a job. It’s a bad choice that would put unnecessary pressure on them.

Summer is a time to do a little bit of study in the morning and afternoon, and then relax for the rest of the day.

There’ll be enough pressure once school starts in September.

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Should students get a job the summer before Form Six?


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