Letters from the dorm: reasonable resolutions

Letters from the dorm: reasonable resolutions

In the midst of finishing off Christmas Day leftovers and celebrating the start of 2016, I've been seeing plenty of cute holiday family photos and amazing pictures of New Year's Day meals on social media. But to my surprise, I've seen even more memes and posts on Facebook talking about failing at new year's resolutions like going to the gym, or eating more healthily. Honestly, I have had a few forgotten or, rather, deliberately ignored resolutions myself. So for the past few years, I've been almost allergic to making New Year's resolutions.

But now that I am back in Britain and starting to settle down again, I've realised that three years of strict boarding school routines have taught me a few things about self-discipline and determination. So I decided to give this "resolution" thing another go. But this time, maybe a bit more realistic, nothing impossible like "staying away from chocolate for the whole year", or "going to the gym every day"; that's just not going to happen. So here's my list of goals for the New Year:

No more playing games on my phone

Although it was very emotional, I decided to delete all the games on my phone. I guess I'll just have to resist the urge to download them back, and thoughts such as "Piano tiles is solely music, not a game" or "Agar.io are just circles ... so technically it's educational" have to stop.

Drink more water

This might seem trivial, but I'm nowhere near half the amount I should be drinking daily. Luckily there are a lot of bubblers around the school. I just have to remember to drink a cup whenever I pass one.

Going to the gym twice a week

There it is: I've spoken the unspeakable - "the gym". And I'm not referring to those machines. I mean, that's obviously a lot healthier, but I don't think I can last a week on a treadmill. At our gym, there's a pretty nice area at the back with yoga mats and gym balls. I think I'll just do Pilates stretches for now, at least until I become less hostile towards going to the gym.

So there they are - my resolutions for 2016, and hopefully, for the first time in my life, I'll be able to keep them all year.

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