Letters from the dorm: No need to go home for the holidays - explore your adopted city instead

Letters from the dorm: No need to go home for the holidays - explore your adopted city instead


Tacye found her knight in shining armour in Toronto.
Photo: Tacye Hong

Not everyone went back home for the holidays - I stayed in Toronto. Instead of being upset that I didn't get to see my friends, I treasured each day and did everything that an ordinary tourist visiting Toronto would do. School has kept me so busy that I still haven't explored Toronto properly.

From the world-famous Niagara Falls to the locally beloved Eaton Centre shopping mall, my visiting parents and I toured the whole city. What stuck with me the most was the Medieval Times: Dinner & Tournament. I had always longed to see the show as I loved everything related to the Middle Ages. I even took two courses in university related to that period. Imagine how excited I was when I got to live in that time, even for just one night.

The whole experience was beyond amazing. The team at Medieval Times had taken care of every detail - there was no trace of modern civilisation, except for maybe Wi-fi, which I didn't mind.

The performers invited us "lords" and "ladies" to participate in "the king's feast", which we ate using our hands, since utensils were not very popular in the Middle Ages. It was refreshing to dive into the food without having to worry about manners. But there was one thing that bothered me: I had to wipe my hands every time I wanted to take a photo.

While we ate, we got to see an amazing performance by knights on horses competing with each other, fighting to protect the kingdom.

The best part was that we did not feel "left out" of the stunning spectacle. We were encouraged to shout and support the knight representing our district, and the knights would throw flowers to us "ladies".

The whole experience was something that I will treasure for years to come. It was exactly like a scene from GoT and I absolutely loved it.

If you are studying abroad, next time try and stay in your city for a couple more days before returning to Hong Kong for the holidays. I am sure that your city has more to offer than you would imagine.

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