You have HK$500 to survive for a year without going broke (you must have at least10 cents left). If you succeed, you get HK$10,000,000. How do you do it?

You have HK$500 to survive for a year without going broke (you must have at least10 cents left). If you succeed, you get HK$10,000,000. How do you do it?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a pair of Beats Studio Over Ear Headphones worth HK$2,598.

The contestants


Contestant 1

When I first saw this question I way over-complicated it. I searched everywhere for places that would only cost me a few cents to live per day and meals that cost a few cents as well. I discovered that this was practically impossible - especially in a place like Hong Kong.

After thinking about it, I realised that I could just ask a relative or friend for help. By doing so, I might not even have to spend a single penny and still have all my expenses covered. After a year, I would get a lot of money and I would then be able to repay my friends or family.

Contestant 2

Just HK$500? No, I won't be sleeping on a bench and surviving on vitamins … what are friends and family for? But no, I'm not going to follow the cliché: "move in with them and split up the reward".

Here's what I'll do: every month I'll borrow HK$1,000 from 10 family members/friends, that's HK$10,000 per month, HK$120,000 for a year. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to survive. Wait, why would they lend me HK$12,000 each? Because I'll be paying them back a year later, three times the amount of money I owe them! They trust me, they'll do it. Altogether, that's just HK$360,000 I'm giving back - no biggie, because I'll be a millionaire by then!

Additionally, I'll probably get to spend the HK$500 which I didn't use at all, right?

Contestant 3

First things first: I would need to get a high-paying job, fast. If that doesn't work, then any job will do. Then the HK$500 will be used for rent and food. If I do run out of money, it would be best to take a loan from the bank, and then pay it all back at the end with the HK$10 million I get.

People say, "Money doesn't buy happiness", and I agree with that 100 per cent. I'll simply be happy knowing that I managed to succeed in this task, so it won't bother me that I'll have to pay back some of the "grand prize" at the end!

Contestant 4

When life gives you lemons, you kick them away.

Well, here, I'm not only kicking out lemons, but growing myself a mango tree!

First, I'll start group tuition! I'll teach kids; the parents will pay me weekly; say 10 kids at around HK$80 per person - HK$3,200 a month!

Next, with HK$300 of my money, I'll make toys. I estimate my profit will be at least five times my cost, so HK$1,500 per month. So I'll have HK$4,700 per month! Eating a selection of cup noodles, street food, and restaurant stuff, I'll be just fine.

Contestant 5

Well, HK$500, and an entire year to survive. Interesting challenge, isn't it? To start, I think we need to set aside the 10 cents that we are supposed to be left with at the end, which leaves us with HK$499.90. Now the major goal should be to find a suitable job that could help you survive.

Definitely, you will need to use some of the HK$499.90 sometimes, so you should deposit half in the bank, earning interest in the process. And that's one of the most legal ways to survive!

Contestant 6

I would buy a lot of food and water so I wouldn't starve to death. That would probably cost me around HK$400, along with clothes and essential items. Then I'd try to construct a simple shelter with wood, some leaves, and a blanket. You'd think I was crazy, but who would spend money on a bed? I mean, everyone wants to be rich, right? Oh wait! I've got a good idea. I could just live - no, sleep - at my friend's house! Then I could sleep comfortably AND save money! I would invest the rest of my money in a bank and watch it grow!

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You have HK$500 to survive for a year without going broke (you must have at least10 cents left). If you succeed, you get HK$10,000,000. How do you do it?


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For me,I will borrow money from the bank,borrow about $5000.Then you may return them after you get the money.