What two animals would you combine?

What two animals would you combine?

Every Monday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive six one-day tickets to HK Disneyland, worth HK$2,994.

The Contestants


Contestant 1

Some things simply work better combined. For example, peanut butter and chocolate are awesome on their own, but combine the two? Heaven on Earth! But for animals? *brainstorming in progress* *thinking face* Hmmm … YES! I know just the right animals to combine to form my fantasy creature. *evil laugh*

A little surf-and-turf would be nice. I recently watched Bait, so sharks are on my mind. And I find gorillas super-awesome after watching King Kong. So imagine a shark, not with fins and a tail, but with the limbs of a gorilla. Whoa! A little weird but still awesome. Gorilla-Sharks. OMG! It's like the kings of two realms combined. So cool! I call my creation a "sharilla" or a "gork" ... no, wait! Even better: a "gorillark".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have thought of the impossible, all by myself. Where's my cookie? I totally deserve it. I am looking forward to the day when gorillarks actually exist. Just imagine a remake of King Kong with a gorillark in it? I am a genius. *happy sigh* But, seriously. I want my cookie.

Contestant 2

Ready for a cuteness overload? How about an elephant-sized cat? This creature would be a combination of cuteness and enormousness. With the flawless face of a kitten on a massive body, it would be sure to please everyone. If an elephant-sized cat really existed, people could not only admire its loveliness, they could actually ride on it. Imagine travelling across Thailand on a super-sized kitten, or just lazing on its back! Sounds like pretty much the best thing to do in the world, since it's not a small, cuddly cat but an elephant-sized one. You could even give it accessories, from a huge collar to rainbow-coloured ribbons, so it might just be the most stylish cat ever to walk the Earth.

At the same time, not only its outside appearance would be magnified, it's inside characteristics would grow 100 times more insane but adorable. And such a loud "MEOW!" Our entire human race would be captivated by it.

It is a new sort of pet, a sensation that would blow your mind but also heal your soul. Because, you know, cuteness basically cures any type of illness.

Although, with an elephant-sized cat, you could never ever give it a ball of yarn to play with, because the earthquake you'd create could kill us all!

Contestant 3

Victor Frankenstein is at work once again, combining two animals! Though this time, he will be taking orders from the evil mastermind - me!

Choosing two animals to combine is such an easy decision: cats and humans, hands down.

The main reason is that I'm a cat lover. There's no arguing that cats are loveable and huggable, but there are other things you might not know: cats can hear and smell things better than humans, and they can jump five times their height. That's pretty nifty. I'm a very lazy person, and stairs are just a nightmare, but if I could jump five times my own height, even the stairs going up to the Big Buddha would be easy-peasy.

This combination also brings a more peaceful world ... at least for me. Picture this: you've just committed some terrible crime, and your mother is storming towards you. When she opens her mouth, you expect a lecture, but all that comes out is a cute, soft "meow!" Great, isn't it?

Conclusion: If cats and humans were combined, there would be more convenience and peace in our daily cat-human lives. Isn't that awesome? It would change human history. Frankenstein, get to work! Start with my mother ... please.

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What two animals would you combine?


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