What would make you start a revolution?

What would make you start a revolution?

Every Monday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive six one-day tickets to HK Disneyland, worth HK$2,994.

The Contestants

Contestant 1

If anyone takes their own life due to bullying in Hong Kong, I swear I would start a revolution to stop the nonsense.

Bullying is the one thing that I can never understand: wrecking people's souls by words; disparaging others' values; humiliating people by acting cruelly; and causing physical harm to others. This kind of savagery is a shame on humanity.

Many people around the world have committed suicide because they were bullied. Fortunately, such deaths are rare in Hong Kong. Yet, we should face up to this issue. Bullying should be discussed openly and proper education should be offered.

An anti-bullying revolution would raise awareness of the issue among locals. Such an "uprising" doesn't have to be as big as the Umbrella Revolution but it has to be meaningful. No more tears should be shed, no more lives should be taken and no more sadness should be caused. Let's stop the bullies and spread happiness among the people.

Contestant 2

If I were to start a revolution, it would have to be over homework. I'm referring to "holiday homework", which drives me nuts.

Most of the kids in Hong Kong hardly get to sit back and relax during holidays because of the monster grabbing at their necks, also known as homework.

This issue has been bugging me for a long time. No wonder most kids in Hong Kong don't understand the concept of when to be serious and when to relax. As a result, they might even lose interest in learning! People always say, "Work hard, play hard!" We kids need to learn to work hard during school time, but we also need to have some down-time so we can "play hard".

Holidays are the only chance we have to do something different from our normal schedule ... go hiking, swimming, cycling, see a movie, read books, or have a day out with friends and family. Even just sleeping in and having a relaxing day at doing nothing can be good for us.

If one feels like doing some extra exercises to strengthen one's academic skills, feel free to do so! However, it should be voluntary, not compulsory. I certainly need that kind of freedom, don't you?

Time to take the lead. I'm officially the head of the Holiday Homework Revolution Party. Who's with me?

Contestant 3

If someone stole my food, boy, that would make me very angry. However, it would take A LOT of stolen food for me to start a revolution. On a serious note, revolutions have shaped history and humanity, dating back to 2740BC during the reign of the pharaoh in Egypt. Yes, indeed, that was a long time ago. Even before I was born! *GASP*

If I were to start a revolution, it wouldn't just be about my opinion; instead, a collective decision to dedicate one's willpower, strength and future for a cause. Starting a revolution is a big deal; it requires constant action, determination and good intentions.

So if I were to start a revolution, it would be for children's cancer research. Currently, it only receives 3 per cent of US$3 billion dedicated for cancer research. I simply think that children deserve more.

Most revolutions started small. So if you (and others) ever feel that something is just not right - and you can't let it go - maybe start a revolution!

Nevertheless, please don't steal my food!

Contestant 4

The day Hongkongers' basic human rights are being violated is the day that would make me start a revolution.

Let's take the conflict between Palestine and Israel as an example. What the Gazans went through was inhumane - no human should ever go through such a thing no matter what the reason is. Gaza literally became the largest open-air prison. Their basic human rights were not only violated, they were crushed and destroyed like they never even existed. Was all that necessary? I don't think so.

Certain situations, however difficult they may be, can be handled in a peaceful manner. To this day, the thought of innocent children being burnt to death haunts me. Where is humanity? Such a thing happening in Hong Kong would definitely make me start a revolution. There should be zero tolerance towards such inhumane acts.

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What would make you start a revolution?


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