What new spring tradition would you invent?

What new spring tradition would you invent?

Every Monday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive six one-day tickets to HK Disneyland, worth HK$2,994.

The Contestants


Contestant 1

Spring means blossoms, and blossoms mean love! How about a tradition where couples can spend a day enjoying the alluring beauty of blooming flowers? On this "blossom day", couples would get a day off school or work, sit under the trees singing ballads and celebrating their love. Doesn't a season filled with hearts, flowers and sweetness sound far better than humidity and the reappearance of mosquitoes? Plus, people who aren't in love could spend their day off watching Netflix at home alone, like me!

Contestant 2

Wearing red underwear! In Chinese tradition, red brings good luck, and wards off bad luck and misfortune. Who wouldn't want extra luck? So instead of just wearing red dresses, red shoes, and red accessories, why not go overboard and wear red underneath, too?

Contestant 3

I. NEED. SLEEP. Nope, I do not need to decorate eggs or visit fluffy fake bunnies. Nor will I even consider cleaning my room in time for spring. (Keep dreaming, Mum!) Three words: I need sleep.

Simply, my new spring tradition would be a sleep-in-until-whatever-time-you-want tradition. It's self-explanatory - you sleep. Or even compete with your family members to see who can sleep the longest. Or who can snore the loudest. Or even sleep-walk the fastest - it's all up to you! (However, be reminded that a pee break will result in disqualification.)

What's better than welcoming spring than a long snooze or snore? All I ask is that you don't wake your neighbours up by snoring TOO loudly.

Contestant 4

Spring … the sticky, humid, rainy, hateful season I'll never fall in love with. It's actually the season when bacteria multiply the most, so it's easy to get sick during this time. Prevention is better than a cure, so my new spring tradition is vinegar boiling at home! Vinegar is believed to be useful for tackling bacteria; even the ancient Egyptians used vinegar to treat infections. If everyone boiled vinegar during spring, sickness will be unable to find us!

Contestant 5

I propose going green as a new spring tradition! After all, spring represents nature and rejuvenation.

To achieve a fresh start during the season, we could decorate our homes with plants, or anything green, for that matter. Doing so would not only be aesthetically pleasing, it would also raise awareness of nature and the environment.

The colour green is not only symbolic, it has practical qualities as well. It has been proven to help people relax, and concentrate better. So not only would going green be good for the planet, it would help us with schoolwork! What's NOT to love about this tradition?

Contestant 6

When I hear the word "spring", the first thing that pops into my mind are flowers: Beautiful, colourful flowers. Nature awakens in spring, so it's the perfect season to plant breathtaking blooms such as pansies and lilacs. So why not invent a spring planting tradition? There could be a set day to plant them, then every year they'd be there to cheer us up at a time when we most need it - after we've somehow survived another long winter.

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