Which electronic device do you think will die out next?

Which electronic device do you think will die out next?

Every Monday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive six one-day tickets to HK Disneyland, worth HK$2,994.

The Contestants

Contestant 1

I think it will be the laptop computer. It wasn't long ago that when you looked inside a coffee shop or internet cafe, people were busy on their laptops. Now, the number of people using laptops is decreasing while the number of people using smartphones and tablets is increasing. Who wants to carry around a heavy laptop when you can use a tablet when you are on the go?

Contestant 2

I think the telephone will be the next electronic device to be eliminated. This is because smartphones have effectively replaced telephones, and not many homes nowadays use a landline to keep in touch with their family or friends. I bet we can all agree that smartphones are much more beneficial to people than telephones.

Contestant 3

"Sorry, we don't sell electronic dictionaries anymore." Well, a few years ago we could still buy one at Fortress, but now look at your smartphone. You have everything you need! Who needs an electronic dictionary when you have all kinds of dictionary apps and the internet at your fingertips? So, let's say goodbye to electronic dictionaries!

Contestant 4

The CD player will definitely be gone. Why? When was the last time you bought a CD? Nowadays, because of the popularity of smartphones, we rarely buy a CD. People download songs from iTunes or listen to it on YouTube. To play a song, you would only need to connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker. So, buy a CD player before it vanishes from our lives!

Contestant 5

Well, well, well … what do we have here? The next electronic device to enter the Hall of Shame will undoubtedly be the CD player. How old is it? It's pretty much useless, too, now that we have iPods and smartphones. I guess we have to say "adiós" to the CD player. And we had better allocate a place for it in the History Museum soon.

Contestant 6

I think the next electronic device to go "extinct" will be the television. Nowadays, you can watch almost all TV programmes, from news to Oscar-winning films to classic Korean dramas, on your computer - and it's all free! There has been a huge cultural shift from the TV to mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. As much as I loved planting myself in front of the TV set and gaping at the screen for hours on end as a child, I fear the TV is largely a thing of the past now. Of course, I still keep my TV set to watch cartoons though!

Contestant 7

Walkie-talkies! They're super-outdated; they were developed during the second world war! The fact that we're in the 21st century and walkie-talkies are still being used is simply shocking. There are so many new things to discover out there. Put down the old-fashioned junk and pick up the cool rad gadgets!

Contestant 8

It's bye, bye, television. With all the substandard programmes on TVB and ATV, who would want a TV anyway? Do people want to watch shows with the same brainless ending? At least I don't. Also, you can get popular channels like HKTV online.


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Which electronic device do you think will die out next?


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