What's the weirdest reason you can think of for taking a selfie?

What's the weirdest reason you can think of for taking a selfie?

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The Contestants

Contestant 1

Not being a follower of the selfie wave, I can conjure up only two weird reasons.

Selfie takers are extremely artistic or a little bit selfish - they want to turn their life into a work of art. So, they grasp every opportunity to capture a variety of facial expressions as well as flashes of their precious moments in a format in which they have full creative control. After all, they take their own picture, as opposed to the usual way of taking a photograph.

Or, they might want to use selfies to check for things such as a pimples or moles on their faces, or see if there are any of yesterday's leftovers stuck on their teeth, you get the idea, right?

Contestant 2

Taking a selfie - an innocent, typical pastime of 21st century youth ... completely harmless and above suspicion, right?

Think again. There are people out there who are using selfies against you. Look around. See that teenage girl taking a selfie with her back to you? And the young man who just took a selfie with his girlfriend? These people are working with intelligence services. Even as you read this, they are already piecing together the selfies to create a map of your area, and guess what, they have been paid to gather this information about you.

How, you ask. Well, when these spies take their selfies, the focus isn't on their face; it is on the background. These agents are gathering the most important asset of this technological era: information. Intelligence cells around the world are using selfies to track their targets and use them to come up with a picture of the everyday lives of these people.

Why use selfies? Selfie takers have one important advantage: no one takes them seriously. Would you really suspect the 12-year-old taking a selfie on the street? I think not. So next time, be wary of who is taking a selfie near you, because he or she may well be a spy gathering information about you.

Contestant 3

Four days ago, I was in a lift, listening to Apologise by One Republic. I was waiting for the lift to reach the eighth floor when it stopped, and started to beep. Right away, we figured out there was a power failure and the lift was stuck.

I'm not going to say that it happened exactly when the song ended because that would just make it scarier, but this 25-year-old woman next to me squealed and took out her phone. Believe it or not, she took 13 selfies with her face expressing different shades of fear, 12 smiling and nine with her hair covering her face. (Yes, I did count; there's nothing better to do when you're stuck in a lift, waiting for help.)

So after this mini-photoshoot, she opened snap chat and took a selfie again. Is it just me who finds it weird that someone would rather tell the world that they're in danger by taking a picture of themselves than try to save themselves?



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What's the weirdest reason you can think of for taking a selfie?


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