Brain Game: What's the one thing you can't tell your parents because it would crush them?

Brain Game: What's the one thing you can't tell your parents because it would crush them?

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The Contestants

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This round we asked: What's the one thing you can't tell your parents because it would crush them?


Contestant 1

Over the years, I feel like my parents and I haven't been talking to each other enough. Things have become worse these days. Now, our major concern is which university I would go to. I want to continue my studies abroad, and not just for the sake of independence. Recently, I've been unhappy with my lifestyle here, so studying in another country would be a welcome escape … but I can't tell them that.

Contestant 2

Oh God! The thing that would crush my parents the most is the fact that I'm an atheist. My parents are devout Christians. Even though I go to church with them, I don't believe in God. I tag along to make them happy. I'm guessing that they would be devastated if they actually knew, so I haven't told them.

Contestant 3

I think that one thing I wouldn't want to tell my mum is that I really hate the instruments I play. I don't know why, but whenever I learn a new instrument, I'm pretty happy, but this happiness fades over time.

Contestant 4

So, once upon a time, I had my first kiss. First kisses are always meant to be special - sparks flying, cheeks blushing, heart fluttering, butterflies in the stomach, and so on. Sadly, my first kiss was nothing like that.

It was with a girl. And I am not a boy.

I am completely straight, but this is one secret that I had buried deep inside me, away from my parents and friends. It's something that I cannot tell my parents for obvious reasons!

My mum would most likely disown me and my dad would probably start hunting down boyfriends for me.

Contestant 5

For many other children and students out there, the most cringe-worthy thing they have to tell their parents are their bad grades. However, for me, it's something different. The day I tell my parents that I forgot their birthday and didn't buy them a gift, not only will it crush them, it will also crush ME!

Contestant 6

Growing up in an Asian family is tough. You are expected to obey your parents. My mum always wanted one of her sons to be a doctor. When it was confirmed that my brother was taking mathematics in university, she turned her attention to me.

"A career in medicine is very good, son," she always tells me.

Well, sorry mum, I don't want to be a doctor.

Contestant 7

Obviously the fact that my brother and I like burning cockroaches! My hyperactive brother loves to catch cockroaches in the drainage channels and together we hold them by their antennae over a flaming candle. Then we wrap the corpses in paper and throw them away. Mum and Dad would not probably approve. But come on, we are helping eradicate those disgusting insects!

Contestant 8

Last week, I was given an extremely important job: polishing a plate which was a family heirloom. My father handcrafted the ceramic plate for my mother to mark their first wedding anniversary. Until now, she had safely kept it inside a box … until my cursed hand slipped and caused the 19-year-old treasure to break into a thousand pieces. I dread the day my mum finds out!

Editor's note: redacted to protect the guilty.

Contestant 9

I think my parents would be crushed if I told them I really love them and feel thankful to them. I used to send messages and write letters to my parents to express my love for them, but I seldom said "I love you". I think my parents would be surprised and crushed if they heard me say "I love you" to them. I think every parent in the world would be touched if they heard "I love you" from their kids, right?


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