If you could have the world’s attention for three minutes, what would you say?

If you could have the world’s attention for three minutes, what would you say?

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Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post.Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win an iPad mini 4.

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Contestant 1

Do you feel as if Hong Kong hasn’t had a proper winter in years? Have you noticed temperatures rising all over the world? Have you seen those photos of starving polar bears stuck on tiny chunks of ice, then quickly forgot about them?

I used to see pictures of birds drowning in oil and listen to talks about global warming, then forget about them a minute later and turn on the air-conditioning as soon as I got home. However, I saw a video of a girl who refuses to let the world forget. That girl became my idol after speaking out to the whole world about climate change. Her name is Greta Thunberg.

I first heard about Greta through the news, and listened to one of her talks on a TV show. I was completely shocked. The planet is in a far worse state then I ever realised. I knew that the burning of fossil fuels was very harmful to the environment, but I didn’t know that there were no restrictions or laws against it. Greta pointed out that people keep talking about the dangers of climate change, yet continue to stick to their same old ways.

The most horrifying fact is that, according to the UN Environment Programme, around 150- 200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is sickening. It seems impossible such a thing could happen once every 10 years, let alone every single day. Hearing all this, I felt as if everyone had been sugar-coating a problem that is growing day by day. How can we now possibly cut down global emissions to nearly zero in just six to 12 years?

Luckily, Greta said that there is still time to save Earth, as long as we do something now, instead of just talking about it. That’s why Greta decided to go on strike: to remind people how urgently we need to act … before it was too late.

After listening to Greta’s speech, I was deeply moved. Greta was very brave to speak out and challenge policymakers around the globe. She has inspired me a lot, and I will try my best to save energy and resources starting from now. So let’s all work together to create a more sustainable future for humanity!

Contestant 2

It’s a beautiful sunny day, so why not put down your phone? You can admire the blue sky, the green fields, smell the flowers, and listen to birdsong.

Or, at least, you could. But while you’ve been busy immersed in your digital world, the real world has been disappearing.

The Amazon rainforest once held all of nature’s secrets. It was full of life, and was the Earth’s main supply of oxygen. However, its role on the planet is being threatened by human activity. Deforestation has destroyed 17 per cent of the forest, with an annual loss of 18.7 million acres – that’s the same as 27 football fields every minute. Most of us have done nothing to stop this; we’ve all been too busy looking at our screens.

Oceans have been a paradise for marine life ever since the Earth was formed, covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. We want to explore the deepest depths, but the way we treat our planet means we might not get a chance to do that in future. Ocean acidification is destroying the homes of animals in the sea, as well as threatening all marine life. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are causing our planet to heat up, leading to warmer waters and things like coral bleaching.

What’s more, millions of marine creatures are being put at risk by plastic waste, such as grocery bags, water bottles, drinking straws, and yogurt containers. Take a walk along the coast, and you’ll see piles of plastic products and the bodies of dead fish. Did you ever stop and wonder what, or who, was causing this?

The Earth is dying and its natural beauty is vanishing. How could anyone deny that climate change and environmental damage are very real and very serious?

In 20 years’ time, there may be no trees or flowers, no glaciers, and coral reefs. Your children will be taught that the sky is grey and jungles are made of concrete. Is this the type of planet we want to pass on to our children?

The earth has more to offer than free resources. Pay attention to the world you are living in, and be considerate to all the creatures we share it with. Thank you.

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If you could have the world’s attention for three minutes, what would you say?


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